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Protectorate Supplies

Party Pack - Containers

This is the list of items that the group has at home rather than carrying around in the party pack.

These items may or may not be not owned by any one individual in the group and those that are individually owned are noted as being transferred to that character's possession and character sheet.

Writ for Protectorate - 50,000 gp

Banded agate, brown, 50 gp
Moonstone 500 gp
Ruby worth 750 gp
Emerald 4,000 gp
Black Opal worth 1000 gp
Rock Crystal, worth 50 gp
Peridot 100 gp
Small Freshwater Coral - 1,000 gp
Oriental Topaz (Gem) - 400 gp
Pearl, 1,000 gp
Pearl, 20,000 gp
25 semi-precious gems 50 gp each - 1,250 gp
1 gem 100 gp each
10 precious gems, 500 gp each - 5,000 gp
4 gems, 1,000 gp each - 4,000 gp
1 gems, 5,000 gp each
Garnet (Fancy) - 500 gp
Peridot (Precious)300 gp
Magic mace +1 - 5,000 gp



human-size field plate armor +3
Mace non-magical 3,000 gp
Short spear glowing with a magical light, +1 and +2 against Bullywugs - 1,000 gp
Magical ancient net with small silver badges at the intersections, with unrecognised heraldric images - gladiator style net used in ancient times for fighting (use in combat confined to humanoids) - +1 - 10,000 gp
Oil of Stone Giant Strength
Potion of Climbing
Potion of Protection from Magic
Potion of Health
Potion of Vitality - lasts 7 days
Potion - Minor Globe of Invulnerability
Potion of ESP
Potion of Animal Control (mammals/marsupials)
Potion of Zombie Control
Potion of Humanoid Control
Mojo liquid
Potion of Gaseous Form
Protection from Undead
Blank scroll
Shield of Cahus - Kayugan priest scroll - 5th Level
Room Scroll inscribed with an elaborate drawing of a doorway into 10-ft square room. It's lit with 2 beds, a table and two chairs, and food and drink for two on the table. On the far wall a pair of swords hang above a pair of shields
Protection from Cold - (one of two)

Magic Items, Ingredients or Tools

Wand - Control Humanoids - More than 20 charges - Command Word:


Death Head horn set with gems - Goblin horn 200 gp
Beetle Butt Acid


Plans and cost estimates for the Black Cloak's moat; dealt with goblin called Gagilkop to get his slave labor