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Rivers Bend - Rivers Bend - City Proper

Bridges of Rivers Bend

This is a partial list of the 114 bridges that cross the many canals of Rivers Bend. Every bridge has a name used by the locals though often those names have changed their meaning over the years.

  • the Bridge
    • connects the city of Rivers Bend with the far shore of the Baikal River and The Nest along with the communities of Bears Head and Barlet as well as the trading route to Outreach it also contains the district of East Bridge
      • simply called the Bridge by all the inhabitants of the city this is the engineering marvel that so encompasses people's thought about leaving to the rest of the world in an unusual way that to say you are crossing the bridge can mean you are taking a spiritual journey or have crossed into death

  • Bridge of Blood
    • connects the East Marketplace? district with the East Quaytown district
      • named for the butchers who originally built their shops on this bridge now those shops have been converted to weaponsmiths shops, with an adventurers guild on the upper floors of one and unknown to most a small thieves guild above the another

  • Cantare Bridge
    • connects the square in front of the Teatro San Samuele with the rest of the East Quaytown district

  • Clostpin Bridge
    • connects the island of Wistern to the island of Usthart in the Trennon District

  • Cobblers Bridge
    • connects the East Quaytown district with the North Bayside district
      • home to several Cordwainers who make fine shoes for noble men and women

  • Masters Way
    • connects to the Harbormaster Island and the offices of the Harbormaster, the Quartermaster and the oldest Chandlery in Rivers Bend

  • Ponte Minich

  • Ponte Sesto Punto

  • the Pyramid
    • connects the district of East Quaytown with the West Quaytown? district
      • named for its very steep steps on either end so that the bridge can allow small fishing boats to squeeze underneath