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Rivers Bend - Rivers Bend - City Proper

East Quaytown

Guarded by Quaytown Point? and containing the Silver Temple? East Quaytown has a diverse population.

There are four bridges entering this district; one from West Quaytown? {the Pyramid}, one from East Marketplace? {the Bridge of Blood} and two from North Bayside {the Ponte Minich and the Cobblers Bridge}. There are seven bridges inside of the district which is made up of seven islands including the Silver Temple? and the island of the Palazzo Grimani di San Luca which have no bridges leading to them. There is a small gondola and sandolo dock for visitors to the Silver Temple? just south of the island.

There is a large Opera House in East Quaytown in the far lower corner of the district. The Teatro San Samuele is well known for large productions and diverse casts. The Teatro has a balcony facing the Mausoleum of Dusk? across the Altinum lagoon and a large open square on the north main entrance side of the building. Two bridges enter the square one from the east and the North Bayside district called Ponte Minich and the Cantare Bridge from the west.

The Palazzo Grimani di San Luca is the home of the Courts for Rivers Bend.

Rivers Bend - East Quaytown district
Players Map of Rivers Bend - East Quaytown district


  1. - Pyramid
  2. - the Bridge of Blood
  3. - Ponte Minich
  4. - Cobblers Bridge
  5. - Cantare
  6. - Teatro San Samuele - at least two basements and 6 upper levels the main seating area is on level two
  7. - Square
  8. - Palazzo Grimani di San Luca
  9. - Silver Temple?
  10. - Bridge
  11. - Bridge
  12. - Bridge
  13. - Bridge
  14. - Bridge
  15. - Bridge
  16. - Bridge