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A River Runs Through It - Out of Character Discussions

Of course we have questions before we can even get started.

Starting off with this information Ships and Water Travel the group now knows more details on their knarr.

  • Crew: 12/8/6 {max, normal, minimal}
  • Passengers: 8
  • Move: 12/6/6 {sailing & oars, sails, oars}

Which means you should have 8 crew for sailing your ship. As pointed out on the above linked page someone needs to know how to sail but not everyone. Who is your experienced captain? How many crew do you want to hire? Etc.

8/26 Lisa

When we sailed up to Domville, Branadarus and Indigo were co-captaining and the other PCs and NPCs helped. Given how many people are sailing with us, there is no room for a hired crew. We shall just have to take turns battening down hatches and swabbing decks.

8/26 TMO

Ilero's Orienteering skill can be used to keep us going in the right direction and hopefully not falling off any waterfalls.

From a previous journey: "It was a 4 and 1/2 day trip from the Dryads Lair to Corvash on the Knarr upstream." Coupled with the information you know about the Narva River helps with some idea on the distance to travel.

Through Domvile it should be mostly uneventful but after that into the unknown.

8/27 - BOB

8/30 John

I would be interested to see if you have room for a few more characters. My first thought was 'have you not seen this movie before, you need to have two ships' but I always wanted to be over prepared.

8-30 BOB

Yes to John there is room for two more characters on the Knarr. Four of the names listed there on the chart are wolves.

See you Friday


8/30 John

Technically, there should be three with Brother Foto, plus a dog. Of course we could just say Qui Fon picks them up on the way home. Friday maybe be an issue as it is our anniversary.

8-30 BOB

Good to know. So we will plan on two slots being taken up on legs A & B by your characters. Then on the third leg we will have to figure out how to proceed. Remember Qui knows how to fly but does not have his own airship. That is not free with training :) Plus he would know not to fly it near Dryads Lair or risk having someone through an ice spear through it.

9/17 John

The party's main concern should be getting to where they are going. While we have to be concerned about the boat, our lead fighter should not be stuck on guard duty. I have (and have had) multiple characters for two reasons. To fill spots necessary in the party and to have options for having characters in two places (scenes) at once. I cannot say the reasons are the same for Lisa, and what her characters do are always up to her, but for story sake and the party sake, we should have a better option than leaving Indigo on the boat for days. Lisa, I know it's a game and a team game at that but this is a important scene for your characters and I would hate for it not to be told properly. If you need a tactical reason, just imagine an encounter 10 pm when myself and /or another player with a fighter is not there for you. Those dice can be cruel.

9/18 Lisa

This is my long-winded (as usual) thought process on this. Bottom line - We'll see how the town looks. Hopefully it is not as strange as Branadarus implied it was. I just wanted to put it out there because I can't leave the knarr unprotected. BOB has a way of making stuff disappear if it is not properly looked after. He had Imari's hippogriff eat our mule because we left them both outside of the temple while we explored, just as an example. The knarr is too big and too expensive and we are too far from home to lose it because we tied it up and left it for two weeks. The knarr has to get us back to Drillian so I am putting it up there with Branwyn's spell books as far as level of importance. And that is a me thing. If there is something that I want to protect in game at all costs, I don't feel comfortable asking someone else to do the work of protecting it if they don't feel that same danger/protectiveness level that I do.

If the town looks reasonable, we can most likely leave Penelope and Jilly to take care of things. We left Jilly in charge at a town to take care of a wagon and horses and she did just fine. But if the town seems unsafe and people unreliable, I would feel better leaving Indigo behind instead of just the NPCs.

As far as Jennevive's suggestion, priests can look at their spells and clarify if I have it wrong, but I don't think you can cast charm and then take off to a great distance and have the spell hold its effect for an extended period of time. It's 150 miles to walk to the border of Cornelia and then however many more miles to get to the palace. I'm assuming we're going to spend a couple days there and not just have dinner and walk back, so we are talking being gone for a couple weeks?

So, it comes down to who do we have watch the ship? The players with multiple characters are me, you, TMO and Michael. You just came back after a very long time away, so it seemed unfair to say - okay, glad to see you back John, dump a character on a boat for a month while the group encounters across the country. Your characters should have the time to bond IC with their old and new friends again as well as catch up on some xp. We left Marisu behind on the keep adventure and she has diplomatic nwp's so she should go to get some xp and do her thing. Shur is with Ilero so that would be weird to split them up. Michael's henchman is a healing priest so hard to leave her behind and hard to ask someone to leave their main char behind, esp. when we will need the fighters for the encounters on the road. And that leaves Indigo.

I really don't mind. Looking at the group IC, it just seemed to fit best to have him do it. I don't think BOB is going to be having side story encounter rolls. In my experience, he just tends to take advantage of situations when we don't take care of things properly. I agree it would be nice story wise for Indigo to be there, but IC for Indigo, he is the Admiral, whether he can sail that large of a vessel or not(!), and his responsibility is to the make sure the ship is protected. If it is regular people town and not zombie town or town attacked and plundered by pirates every week town, I would be happy to send Indigo on the trip and leave Penelope and Jilly to watch the ship and talk about Indigo behind his back. Even though I dread to have Branwyn have the Jilly stays behind conversation IC.

Oh and you know -- Indigo really isn't the lead fighter any more. :) Hoffman is back and has the same weapon mastery level as Indigo. Shur and Hugh have leveled and are getting stronger - and they have range weapon ability, something I purposely ignored for Indigo. Kel's stats make his damage when he hits pretty insane. And as luck would have it, Branwyn decided to fall for a fighter as reckless as she is and from what I see when he fights probably has long sword mastery as well. So nowadays, Indigo is just one of many assets.

9/18 Carissa

More for notes purposes, it looks like charm duration is based on intelligence so distance may not matter; however a longer duration means a lower intelligence. How low is too low to trust them not to give away the knarr or be taken advantage of? Max able is 3 months of charm and lowest is 1 day. Someone of average intelligence of around 10-12 could give us three weeks before needing to be charmed again - provided distance doesn't matter and you can convince them to watch the knarr.

9/18 John


I completely agree with the first paragraph and intention of protecting the boat. (from BOB) I appreciate Indigo is not the only fighter but I meant lead as leader, take charge and noble and respected as well as fighting skills. He will be better able to handle knowing when we can negotiate. Tactically, I know I should have done differently with the giants but sometimes I get lost in the character's point of view. As for Charm, I would not consider it a long term solution. We will not know how long any one may be charmed and when it wears off, they will be upset and may do more harm than good.

9/19 TMO

On the topic of who should stay with the boat, I don't have much to say. It could be Ilero & Shur that stay, if you want. I'd still have Marisu with the main group.

John, no need to apologize for having Hoffman act in character. :) I think the game is more fun when they act in character.

9/20 Carissa

Just adding agreement to enjoying it more when they act in character (you aren't the only one!). And no, I don't think Charm is a good long term solution but I do think it could be an interesting experience (maybe another time) provided Shi can be convinced to try it (dang in-characterness).

9/21 Lisa

Our characters acting in character most, if not all, of the time is how we get them into so much trouble isn't it? Makes things interesting. Personally I thought you made a good tactical decision to run after the characters with the giants and engage them. Us running as a group with a whole bunch of different characters with their own individual personalities, motivations and histories that govern how they respond to the situations BOB presents is my favorite part of playing and watching.

10/22 Carissa

So many questions. SO MANY. More after writing the summary. Where to start?

Who is at possible risk with meeting a witch? True, maybe no one, but to go into a meeting with a likely evil witch without assuming someone might be a target for some nefarious plan seems like a bad idea to me. With that thought, who do we worry most about? My (original) top three were Branwyn for obvious reasons (they are obvious, right? I don't need to spell it out?). Sam for other obvious reasons (seriously, it is obvious, right?). And Teb for less obvious reason, for which I'll point out why he even came up as a thought:

[Kel (MarioCS)] ah yes, maybe Teb and she should have a chat
[Lord Branadarus (Master)] She might charm him away from you

Emphasis mine, and another thought:

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] I would only be speculating
[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] a longer potential life would be a valuable thing to exchange I would think

My original thought would be elves in top three being potential targets IF (and we don't know, of course) the Queen is wanting to extend her life again (which I believe possible as the other siblings partners disappeared not long after they went to meet mummy). But who among the group is the longest lived? Teb. Does it matter if he's a sword? He has a powerful soul, and perhaps his hate of magic would be more enticing to an evil witch. Just some thoughts.

But that is always why charm came to mind. Maybe it won't be a problem, but good to be prepared for the possibility, yes? Again, maybe the word choice by Branadarus wasn't intentional, but it could have been. Who knows. Can a sword be charmed (so many questions now on how charm works)? And, on the subject of charming Sam, perhaps we should first ask if he has anything on him to protect him. He grew up as royalty even if he didn't know his father, and his guardian raised him knowing his real father. I would hope one of them would be smart enough to have something on them to resist being influenced. Would a smart royal do that?

And, after writing the summary, I now have questions about Branadarus's father. Was he as long lived? Will the queen want to live long after her husband has already passed? Why wouldn't she remarry? Did she wait that long to even marry, and why?

But really, does she have raven hair and ruby lips? Do sparks fly from her fingertips?

And one last quote I think worth putting up to emphasize:

[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] Spells can be a wonderful fine tool or a blunt hammer
[Aunt Jennevive (Master)] the best way to influence someone is not by spells

And two last thought I almost forgot. If she was at the coronation of many Farthorns, is there a chance she might have somehow influenced them or have some important connection to them and their ruling? Maybe...a chain of her influence that we need to protect Sam from...?

What if the Queen really doesn't want to live long past her husband? What if she wants...a replacement? One she likes? Or are witches so evil they never want to die?

Psst! It looks like his father wasn't long lived (not sure what to make of her...future husband, or whoever the other one is). It also looks like his father wanted the head of Marcus Antonius. Wait, wait. Sorry. Wrong Marius and wrong Cinna (although Lucius WAS married to Annia...).

10/28 Carissa

More notes for myself because the chance of forgetting by next Friday is high:

  • Even if the results of the experiment ends up as a roundabout way of protecting against charm, there is a good chance Sam will refuse it (Remember that whole kill the caster comment? Yeah...). That said, it might be worth having Sam there when they cast on Marisu. Knowledge is power and knowledge of how such spells affect a person is a good start, right? More awareness if it ever happens to you by seeing it happen to someone else? Better than nothing, right?
  • A witch is more likely to have and use command versus charm, I would think. My current thought is Shi charm Marisu, Kenna try to charm after (she is one level higher, I believe, so we can see if level matters) followed by Jennevive casting command to see if it overrides or conflicts with charm. All followed by multiple attempts to dispel.
  • I just wanted to have three bullet points and now I do. Success!
  • Thought of an actual third point. Ask Marisu what she wants from the experiment experience. If it does actually offer some kind of protection against charm, and she does not fall under the spell of Aunt Jennevive, does she want to keep it for the time being? I'm not as concerned for Marisu as I am some of the others, but you never know. Of course, it could all very well be a moot point once we get to the capital.

Psst! I also see the new names on Ancestry. Mari Antonius? What a coincidence. A very strange coincidence...

Added on 10/29:

Oh dear. More thoughts. I guess something had to fill the void of thinking only about work for two weeks. Er, okay, to be fair, they've been percolating and I figure it's worth just adding them to my thought sheet. Anyways.

  • Check if any spells would work on Teb. I mean technically he is a sword, not a person, so charm could possibly be ruled out. Maybe it's a simple "ask BOB" because he'll tell you flat out that apparently giant spiders, which are part of the animal kingdom, are "not animals" (Linnaeus disagrees with you), and I can't befriend them (no worries, I'm clearly not holding this against you ;) ). Or maybe he'll reply with "one way to find out" and so we have to cast to find out. Who knows? Well, who besides BOB knows?
  • Big if on whether this will end in Sam being charmed, but if it does, who is the "safest" bet? Jennevive is out because, well, Jennevive. Depending on how her flute works, Miranda is okay, but is human and someone can spin that against her (since it is human politics). Kenna is slightly better if only halfling, but she is Kayugan which will make the Greeks suspicious (of which Branadarus and possibly his mother supposedly are). Neith I believe this applies to as well (Kayugan AND human is a bad combo for the hypothetical someone finds out Sam is charmed and thinks it's a giant conspiracy or some kind of plot against them). Shi is elf which is good for lack of interest for human politics...but Sam is a Farthorn and the elves aren't fond of Farthorns. Or maybe Sam will flat-out refuse and it'll be okay because we'll be fine and dandy and go home without incident anyways! Big maybe there.

10/29 Lisa

Since Bob is not always forthcoming, here are my thoughts on Teb for what they are worth: If Teb was an elf in his real life and elves are immune to charm then I would guess charm spells wouldnít work on him. But then I just looked at the #Elves page and it says elves are only 90% resistant to sleep and charm spells so looks like any elves would have to roll a saving throw on that. And as someone with a 97% chance of teleporting into my salon safely and has missed knows Ė 90% is not a sure thing!

I would think nothing would affect Teb as long as Teb stays sheathed. Once Kel starts waving him about, he would be fair game. Spells that would affect the mind would be subject to elf rules for whatever was cast. What I cannot guess is whether re-sheathing Teb acts to dispel the magic or whether when he was drawn again he would still be under whatever spell was cast upon him.

Sounds like some experimenting is in order.

10/30 Carissa

Hmm, that's a good point, but it does make me wonder on a different thought. Session before, Shi was told she was immune to charm. Latest session, Jennevive implied that, while difficult, Kel could be charmed. Was it simply an inconsistency, remembering the luck needed, or is there possibly an exception? Say, Miranda's flute that targets men? Is that a traditional charm spell or are there spells that get around that rule? Command doesn't work like charm, so is that something that can be resisted in a similar manner? If there is a way around it then all that would really be needed is to tell Kel to hand over Teb...

Initially I thought charm was worse because it lasts so much longer than command, but if all you need is a single action?

(What if part of the reason Branadarus pretends Teb isn't real is to protect Teb?)

Of course, I'm still very interested in how spells could affect Teb, especially the sheathing aspect in regards to any spell being dispelled. I didn't consider that at all! Experimenting is very much in order.

10/31 TMO

Let us not forget the Queen's former husband Weinus Lupus - "Dog dick"

10/31 Carissa

Oh gods. Do I need to worry about the wolves now, too? Is the Queen into that kind of stuff??

11/4 John

On more specific note, there is no reason to believe she is a vampire unless vampires can have human babies. I understand the elimination of all other heirs from an evil power position. I think, while the threat is real, it is more about keeping Brandarus away.

11/4 Lisa

Vampire lore changes depending on what world you are in. I am very happy BOB did not make his vampires all sparkly, but he did make them capable of mating with humans and having offspring.

Fridays are very hard for me to think sometimes. We are ďin the momentĒ often and trying to roleplay and keep things moving, and so often things that I should already know or need to process do not get remembered or processed immediately. So my apologies for not getting this sooner, but I do think I have this figured out.

Queen Annia is NOT a witch. She is a vampire only. Branadarus thinks sheís a witch because that explains things and makes sense to him. His mother probably told him she was. He isnít stupid Ė INT is 10, but he isnít the sharpest tool in the shed. He also canít read and so likely he believes what his Mother tells him and wouldnít go trying to research strange things that he may have experienced growing up in the household.

Vampirism is passed down from females to females and males to males. So, this is why Anniaís sons must die immediately and why the daughter is not on the ďkill listĒ but was said to not be safe and why the daughter is the only possible threat to her mother. She is a vampire too! And evil like her mother so not sure she is one to confide in if she happens to be attending the wedding.

Where am I getting this? Count Drake from Drillian. Count Drake was the son of Lisba and Vlad. Count Drake should have been a vampire, but by some genetic mishap, he didnít inherit the ďgift.Ē Hence his pretending to be a vampire until he was able to get converted by magical means.

11/4 Carissa

That makes much more sense. I sincerely hope she isn't a witch because I think you're right about her being a vampire and a combination of vampire AND witch just seems like a very bad thing, or, worse than just one or the other.

No need to apologize for Friday. Those days happen, and even when you had a "slower" moment as you imply, you still processed it all pretty fast! So what do we need to know about vampires? At the least, I haven't encountered them yet. I read the Count Drake chat, and know the story, but nothing about how vampires act, weaknesses, strengths, ambitions, or anything that could be relevant to this encounter. Hope it isn't a stupid question, but do we need to worry about her turning Sam? Does her being a vampire give us a better idea of how she might try "come for us" in six days? Do you think she has ties to the vampires in The Mist?

11/4 Lisa

Wish I knew the answers to those questions! I don't think she'll turn Sam. (see below). Not sure how she will come for us in 6 days. I will have Branwyn try to clarify after the wedding. And no clue how much vampires talk to each other.

But we get to Johnís point of IC v. OOC knowledge. IC the people who know the most probably wonít have a lot of time IC to explain much. I believe the first time we ran into a vampire, I learned OOC the scariest part was that they could drain levels. More frightening than getting your characterís blood drained, but none of the PCs in this campaign have witnessed this happening.

I found an interesting link that compares Original D&D vampires and 2nd Ed. ones with all the powers etc. Not sure how closely it goes with what BOB is doing but should give a gist. Itís also kind of why I donít think Annia is both a vampire and a witch. If you have the whole vampire thing going for you, only the most studious would go to all the effort to learn and master witchcraft as well.

IC, our interactions with vampires are limited. Ilero and Branwyn watched Drake turn himself into a bat, so we know they can do that. I would think it would be common knowledge among all the PCs that vampires canít be out in the sun. Vampires have a charm power. I believe they can turn it on and off and I think would be subject to resistance and saving throws.

Because we donít know a lot of vampires, we really donít know much about their culture and if they want to turn people. I kinda doubt it or there would be more of them. If she wants Sam to rule Terraguard, he will have to be able to walk in daylight to get there. If she had those kinds of plans I would think it would be a long way off from now. Hard enough to sell the bastard as heir concept with and added bonus that he is also a vampire.

So much for vampires. Now what will we doÖ

I am not a big fan on how BOB is having this thing go down. I am not getting any way to ask for help until it is almost too late. And even then, the ability to gather us all together at a wedding feast to discuss anything privately will be next to impossible. I have no doubt this is the BOB plan, but it doesnít mean I have to like it.

Normally, we would be able to roleplay more. Because BOB is posting the wedding ceremony online, and the Queen has separated Branwyn from both Branadarus and the rest of the group, she is completely alone on this. I really appreciated everyone brainstorming on options OOC Friday since this is difficult for me to decide what to have Branwyn do.

Itís a conundrum for Branwyn because she doesnít like leaving people behind. She doesnít like to know that people will be murdered and she canít do anything about it. But she also is very protective of the group and doesnít want them in danger. She hates lying, but the more people she tells about this, the more danger people she cares about will be in and the less secure the secret and her future will be with Branadarus. To carry this secret will be an extra burden and a heavy weight. Itís a mess.

At this moment, I am leaning toward Branwyn not saying anything to any of the PCs. The burden would be Branwynís alone and would decrease the chance of Branadarus finding out about any of this. But itís a long time until Friday.

11/5 John

I hear what you are saying but let me say it another way. This would not be the first time we have allowed a Vampire to live or allowed whom we consider an evil ruler continue to rule. Sam will be set up to rule, regardless of his choice, which is often the case in royalty, we just do not like who will be pulling his strings. This is not so bad so far considering how hard it would be to stop it. A few innocent people will die if we do nothing, others will have to die if we do stop it, probably some of us. Seems like there is no good answer but to live to fight another day. Then we just need to workout the details. I have no issue with Hoffman and Miranda staying with Sam though I have no reason to believe the Queen would allow what she might consider interference. The best hope would be someone Sam feels connected too. I also volunteer Aunt Jen to stay behind. I certainly support the idea of B & B telling the party to gather their stuff and meet at home and then teleporting. Still have the issue of Lisa not having a character until we get back to Indigo but she can always play Miranda or Jilly. Long term, we need to lean a Sunlight spell. Here is my real twisted thought. Tell the Queen you will only do what she wants if she removes your curse.

11/5 Lisa

I totally get what you are saying, John. I do. And it is in Branwynís nature to try to protect, so she most likely will do this thing for the purpose of protecting the group. But she is a much higher level character now than in those other instances. And it must forever be a secret from the man she is going to pledge her life to and likely the group she is doing this to protect. From a character perspective, you have to give Branwyn her angst over this. And it is not easy for me to make Branwyn do this when I have run Branwyn as one who steps forward instead of hiding for all these years

She is almost never deceptive and she just had a truth she had chosen to hide come out with not so great consequences by not telling Marisu her family helped start a civil war against the Queen of Drillian. This would be ten times worse. If the group wasnít in danger because of this, Branwyn would tell Branadarus and they would decide together. She would fight a vampire Queen if he wanted her to without thinking twice about it. Branwyn does not generally fear a battle, she fears not being able to make sure everyone is safe. She will always wonder what would have happened if she had made a different decision. Wonder if her decision was really one for the protection of others, or just plain cowardice. And she will get a reminder of that every time she looks at her husband.

11/4 John

I appreciate how personal this is and how much is on you and your character. My only thought on that is working it into the wedding vow. Example Do you take this man... Only if he agrees to help me kill his mother.

Just kidding. I truly think Branwyn will tell Brandarua, it is just a question of how and when.

11/6 TMO

I've just watched a series on YouTube about Suleiman the Magnificent, and it was codified in Ottoman law that when a new Sultan was raised to the throne, all other candidates (ie - all of his brothers) were killed. This was to prevent civil wars, and it worked. He talks about it here, at about the 18 minute mark:

11/8 Lisa

At least BOB is adhering to historical precedent! Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. It was a fun watch.

11/9 John

Now that I have not come to terms with Vampires having human kids, let me explain where I see us at. Please tell me if I have any facts wrong or if my conclusion sounds too far off. This whole campaign started in The Mist where Vampires have kept an army of Palidins at bay for years We know of two vampire rulers We know the queen is planning on marrying a new husband. The queen wants Sam to be King. We had that whole talk about charm before the Vampire and their charm came up. Who else thinks we have met the Queen's new husband? I know if Miranda was not with Hoffman, she would be getting to know Sam better. Even if the queen does not marry Sam yet and does not turn him into a vampire yet, how can that in someway be the master plan. A vampire rulling all of Teragard.

11/9 Carissa

That thought crossed my mind, but then I dismissed, and yet I don't know why, but it does seem to make sense. And that's worrisome. Sam being allowed to come and go, but never to stay gone for long if he's married. Oh goodness, so many thoughts on that one and yet not one on how to stop that from happening. Except, again, to kidnap him and hope she can't pursue us. Can she even leave Cornelia? Does her carriage go past its borders? She didn't meet us at the docks...

11/11 Carissa

Tossing out a few thoughts as I work on the summary and read chat, specifically on that stupid ring.

So maybe perhaps that wooden ring has meaning, or perhaps we are now forced to give it meaning (which, let's face it, seems like something Jenn would do, right?). Either way, I think I'll still plan to have Shi send a message home once they reach the boat about it, but this time, expecting a return message (her letter will detail where she'll be and when so better up those chances - maybe a reply by the time they get to Dryad's Lair?; of course now somehow it'll all be delayed...).

But providing there isn't something magical about the ring, I realize it might not be too hard to help Sam out if he does need to "use" it, so to speak. He knows, as he has seen it at least once, that Shi sends messages with birds. If they decide to send him a message, a return message with the original delivery bird provides him with a way to reply.

Or, perhaps at this point, Shi needs to add a bird to her pack and make it a flock. I'm sure between the messaging spell, talking spell (if better communication is needed than the messenger spell provides), charm spell, and animal friendship spell, it wouldn't be too hard to have a permanent bird messenger if needed. That could have been a good present to give Sam if there was a way to work it...and, let's face it, could be good for later. Would it have been nice if we had that and Branwyn took the bird with her originally? All you need to do is teach the bird to return to Shi any time there is a letter attached to it and voila! Communication. And if allowed, teach it more than that later; or teach it other commands like if it gets this item it should go do this or that...bird are incredibly smart so I would think it's possible, although maybe we should go with guaranteed smart birds like ravens or crows.

Anyhow, current thought is maybe sending Sam a quick letter the normal way before leaving Cornelia (or getting too far from it) reminding him to look for birds carrying letters. If permanent messenger is thought to be a good idea, it'd be best to charm one now so it can travel with them back, learn the lay of the land (and the people), and actually be useful and able to navigate to and from Cornelia. Thoughts on doing a reenactment of this scene? Unless you prefer this scene?

Oh and slightly still related, do you think the Queen will be subtly when killing her children? Will Branwyn want to check on Sam soon because of it? Or would she worry the Queen will notice and dislike such quick correspondence?

Bird thoughts (because I am a bird nerd):

Kestrels are tiny, and cute, and not very suspicious. They're smart, and like any falcon, vicious. Even if it's mostly vicious to the grasshoppers it hunts. Also like any falcon, they're pretty fast - with diving can reach speeds of 65 mph.

Peregrine Falcons are not as tiny and easily hidden, but not too big. Also smart, and the fastest bird alive with diving can reach speeds of 200 mph. Also like any falcon, vicious and easy to defend itself.

Crows and Ravens are not quite as small, likely suspicious or could be viewed as an omen, but damn good at defending itself (raptors aside, I would say cardinals are the only ones that hurt worse if bitten by). They average normal speeds of about 60 mph and can reach 70 mph diving. Bonus is they can be taught to talk like parrots but slightly more limited vocabulary (or maybe they need more incentive than parrots...)

Swifts are, well, swift. Not vicious or able to easily defend itself, but they ARE the fast birds in level flight reaching 70 mph average without diving, but some species reach 100 mph. Also tiny and easily smuggled places if needed. Intelligence level unknown.

11/11 TMO

Marisu will be writing Sam a letter, because I'm an idiot. Sam misunderstood the code, and I didn't notice it at the time. So I've got to figure out how to correct it subtly. :) I've just been swamped, but I'll try to get it out before Friday. If not, it's not time-sensitive and can be sent later.

11/12 Carissa

And now I'm wondering if I misunderstood it which is why I didn't do anything except copy-paste for the summary. Either way, that's an easy one, then. Just make sure Marisu reminds Sam about the bird messages, please and thank you! Only matters because it does specify in the spell that the message might not be received if the person don't know to look for a bird, and I don't want to take any chances :)

3/11 Carissa

Attempt to figure out who knows what in regards to Queen Cinna and put it all in one place. Add as you wish (or just be patient as I'll hopefully eventually gather all the extra information, but I can't easily keep track of everyone's character...).

In regards to Branwyns Note To Jennevive:

  • We know Queen Cinna is a vampire and wishes for everyone to leave first thing in the morning. No elaboration on why.
  • Branwyn mentions that Tiberius does NOT know his mother (and sister) are vampires. As of now, he is still (I believe) unaware.
  • Mortal danger for the group is only mention in regards of keeping Sam from Queen Cinna. The focus of the letter is really on why Sam will stay (provided it is his choice) and emphasis that Branwyn really did marry of her own free will.

In regards to Indigo's knowledge:

  • Branwyn tells him they are to get to The Mist as soon as possible and that Queen Cinna is a vampire.
  • At this moment, Tiberius is still unaware that his mother is a vampire so it is likely true he is still unaware.
  • "And she knows that I know what she is. She does not like that very much. She wants Tiberius and I to go into the Mist where she canít see us and we canít see her. Actually, she doesnít want us to come back at all, but we will deal with that later."
  • Indigo is also aware that Branwyn was going to see her first teacher for advice on the matter.
  • Much emphasis on getting as far from Cornelia as possible as soon as possible.

In regards to Shi's knowledge:

  • While on watch, Indigo tells Shi that a vampire might come and kill the group. Branwyn didn't tell Indigo for sure if the Queen would kill them, but did point out that vampires don't like others knowing their true nature.
  • He does also point out that The Mist will hide them and they'll need to get there as soon as they can.
  • They do talk briefly about the Brotherhood and other vampires who live in The Mist.

While I'm unsure at this moment the knowledge of other characters, I will point out that we did worry about scrying from the Queen. I believe they also briefly discussed the letter once outside of Cornelia, but I don't think much new information was said (though I'll try to check later). I'll try to update this as I can so that maybe we'll be slightly less confused on who knows what :)

3-12 Lisa

Thanks for summarizing!

For the record -- Branwyn only got one chance to communicate before the wedding and I thought I was taking a chance with her saying the V-word at all since the letter had to be delivered in the Queen's household by her staff. BOB was nice and didn't have it intercepted. I rolled the dice on that one and tried to only say what I thought Branwyn needed to in order to make sure everyone was on alert, was cautious, and didn't think Branwyn needed rescuing.

She told Indigo what he needed to know to try to get him moving faster and that Tiberius didn't know so it wouldn't come out in casual conversation. (Though it would be kind of funny story wise if Teb heard, got sheathed for a while and then came out one day and just started discussing it.)

Since the wedding, there really hasn't been a lot of time where Branwyn has not been with Tiberius and so it hasn't been something that she would bring up. Just poke her a bit. If the characters want to discuss it, they will need to find a way to pry Tiberius away from Branwyn. Seeing how desperately he wants some adventure, I can't imagine it would be too hard.

3/13 Carissa

Ah, that makes sense. Fair and a good reminder why there isn't too much in the letter. That perspective alone might help me actually remember its contents now without having to look...

I'm thinking I want to add that conversation with Branwyn (or at least poking her some for answers) before clicking off the time on Friday. She already did suggest the boys go find trouble in the city. As you said, don't think it'll be too hard to send Tiberius off somewhere somehow with someone. At the very least, everyone has enough knowledge to be able to ask her if Tiberius is aware of his mother being a vampire (which I feel like should be asked sooner rather than later). Anyone observant might be able to ask about the speed. Shi is at least slightly more aware of the potential impeding danger, and maybe longer stay in the Mist, and can take that approach to questioning. I've an idea or two forming for bringing it up... I think.

Also fully approve of Teb being the one to accidentally tell Tiberius ;)