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A River Runs Through It - Sessions Summaries

Songs from the River - A selection of the music mentioned during the Era

Key Points:

Leg A

Leg B

  • On 16-6-1267 TGR - After the wedding heading back towards the knarr.
  • On 17-6-1267 TGR - (Proposed date of slaughter of Queen Annia Cinna's sons and duel with daughter).
  • On 21-6-1267 TGR - (Proposed date set of Queen Annia Cinna coming after Branwyn - details currently unknown).
  • On 22-6-1267 TGR - Branwyn and Tiberius teleport back to the knarr.
  • On 5-7-1267 TGR - The rest of the group arrives at Dryads Lair.

Leg C

  • On 6-7-1267 TGR - The crew sets sail from Dryads Lair towards Rivers Bend.
  • On 7-7-1267 TGR - A winter storm blows the crew off course resulting in one day of travel lost.
  • 11-7-1267 TGR {11-7-345 SKR} - the rest of the group arrives in Rivers Bend.

Notes for All:

  • Previous three summarized sessions from newest to oldest: Tattermalion, Diplomatic Era Uncategorized, and Galatea.
  • If you see a quote you like and I did not include it, feel free to add it or tell me in chat.
  • (E) used in chat means the characters are speaking elvish (and can be adjusted for other languages).

Leg A - Dryads Lair to Cornelia

Leg B - Cornelia to Dryads Lair

Leg C - Dryads Lair to Jistille Estates