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The Jarldom of Rathcomb is ruled by the Rathcomb Family. The family has lived in this area from before the time the Jarldom existed as part of Terraguard and have always followed the Viking way. The family controls the district of Birka, where a branch of the Great Trade Route runs through. The Jarldom’s main export is a fine local beer that is sent to neighboring countries on a regular basis; Birka Beer with each cask stamped with linked Bs on the end. The Gokstad district is run by the Imsigul family, which is rich from the many adventurers they have produced; Freki Imsigul was a founding member of the Dragonslayers. The heraldic emblem of the family Imsigul is a shield with alternating bands of gold (5) and black (4), running from top to bottom.

The Territories are: