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Recovering Doeskin

From 16-8-345 SKR to ??? SKR

This Story Arc during the For the Love of Mist Era with Marisu Doeskin returning from Wedding Crashers to start the process of recovering her family's good name in the Kingdom.

This story arc was played out almost fully through postings here on these pages, with links to the occasional Chat Log as needed.


16-8-345 SKR

Marisu sat down with Branwyn and Princess Anastacia Eustace when they returned home from the Ghostwood Domain. Three women each in a situation where they had power and responsibility thrust upon them by Queen Willimina Mosskin.

"I need to go home. I'm sorry, but I can't put it off any longer. I have no idea who is still alive, or what condition the estate is in, or who is even running the place. I know the Princess left people there, but I can't trust werewolves with no provenance and no known background. For all I know, they're using my people as hunting stock. I would *hope* the Queen's representatives are competent and trustworthy, but, if I understand it correctly, they showed up on the road and joined the Princess claiming to be from the Queen. I hope there are safeguards against that kind of thing, but if not, they might just be random therianthropes with silver tongues. And their actions in turning the Princess' retainers without permission doesn't give me confidence either." She sighed and leaned on the table. "And I need to start the search for Morin."

Branwyn looked at Marisu with a mixture of sadness, sympathy, and regret. “You have been selfless in your aid to me, the Queen, and all of our friends for so long. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your friendship and all that you have done for us. Marisu, it has been long overdue for you to have your time to take care of yourself and your family first and foremost. You certainly don’t need my permission, but you most definitely have my blessing and approval. The only question I would ask, is what can we do to help you?”

Anastacia looked at the two of them. "I can travel with you to help. I am not needed here to build Dragon Fen. Your sister would be a good place to start to look but maybe you should give that to someone else to start? If you want to really reclaim your Estates you cannot do that from the wilderness, you need to do that from your home. Is there someone you can send out? Perhaps Jared? He doesn't seem to be much good at building things considering that Kenna had to fix his arm that time. I know you are wanting to go right away. I can go to the Queen and ask for a handful of men to accompany us. You were talking with Miranda about going to Loosend with her to learn more spells. By the time you get back from that perhaps Jared will be back with some information and I will have a squad of men to accompany us through to your home."

Marisu rested her chin on her hand and thought for a moment. She nodded, "I think that would work." She turned to look at Branwyn. "Do you think Shurkural would be willing to accompany us for the initial trip? In case the weres have lost control, her knowledge in fighting them would be useful. And I'd have her back here as soon as possible. Once things are under control there won't be a need for her to stay."

Branwyn thought about that for a moment. “That is hard for me to say. I know on principle, there would be nothing more exciting for her than to go hunt weres. But you can see when you look at her these days how worried she has been with Ilero’s moods. He has been grimmer than usual and seems to be obsessed with his own death. But we’ll be home safe and Ilero will have a lot to keep himself busy with what with building his guild and finding recruits. I hope that with this good fortune we’ve received that his mood will lighten a bit. When you ask Shur to come with you, tell her that we will keep an eye on Ilero and make sure he is all right while she’s gone. Maybe that will help make her feel more comfortable about leaving him.”

Marisu rubbed her eyes. "Alright, thank you. I'll talk with her and see if she'd be willing to come along." She turned to Anastasia. "Very well Princess. I'll see you back here soon then. I hope this turns into a boring trip for you and you get to go home quickly."

Anastasia snorted. "I have not been home in years, only once since mother died. I will send you a report by messenger when I have information. In case anything get intercepted and read before it gets to you if I say how much I love dancing, everything after that is a lie. If I ask if Indigo has ever learned to use his swords you know that everything after that is the opposite of what I say. It should only take a month or so to get a feel for how the population feels about you. When Jared reports back I hope he has word on your sister."

Marisu nodded. "And to prove it is from you, mention something about a burned book."

{Letters in order of arrival}

27-8-345 SKR From Anastacia to Marisu

I have enjoyed the chance to dance last night when I stumbled upon a camp of vagabonds. They were small and weak but they showed me great courtesy and asked me politely to join them for the night. I was glad to dance for a little while with them but I could not stay without breaking my heart. They were a friendly group, they were out warmly greeting small villages when I found them. I am sorry I had to leave them.

This letter travels with a group of good for nothing gypsies who would only helped me because I did not mention Branwyn.

(arrived 6-9-345 SKR)

23-8-345 SKR From Anastacia to Marisu

Already winter is biting at my fingers, do not tell Branwyn I burned some of the paper she gave me to start a fire. Tell Ilero that I found a nest of giant alligators about two miles east of where he wants to put that lighthouse. A breeding pair, I counted over a dozen babies. There are lizard folk there too.

I have been all the way to the manor house. There are reports of werewolves throughout the Estate but I have not seen any. Jared and I crossed paths he said that he has heard your sister is alive but he had not found her yet so he might just be trying to score points with me. I am going to be exploring the country side more before writing again.

I am giving this letter to a birder who says he is traveling to bring the Queen some songbirds he has captured. They do sing pretty here in the swamps, I am not sure what they will be like there in stone home.

(arrived 12-9-345 SKR)

Marisu read through both letters again, making sure she hadn't misread any of the codes. She took up her quill and made a couple of notes, one for Branwyn and one for Ilero, with the information for them from Anastacia's wanderings.

{timing note: return from Loosend fully trained on 25-1-346 SKR and able to travel home, lots of RP of reports from Anastacia, Jared and potentially others between now and then}