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Redfern Lake

The town of Redfern lake is in central Drillian. It has been the site of several battles because it has a large section of dry land nearby. The area is control loosely by the Medipop family who have their family estates less than eight miles away. Farmers Turn intersects with the Moss Road that starts here and leads to the Jistille Estates.

Most of the town was destroyed by fire in 17-4-338 SKR by an attack from Libellula Saturata against the Dragonslayer Company as they were breaking in a new squad. One of the first structures to be rebuilt was Old Man Millers Tavern.

Old man Millers Tavern and the Blacksmith shop run by Jill are two of the few stone buildings in town and both were the restored quickly after the Battle of the Dragon Kozetre 338. About half of the town was rebuilt after the Battle within a year, with several scattered farms surviving this time of troubles. Johanns is a farmstead to the south of town near the edge of a small lake. Johann is a very tall man with bad eyesight but is in love with his wife Su.