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Rivers Bend - City Proper

The city of Rivers Bend is divided up into eighteen districts with several other important points of interest. Some districts are large enough to house several hundred people and others can be a single building. It is often said that Rivers Bend is a city of 100 bridges but there are actually 114 bridges throughout the city.

Districts Points of Interest
Hern Island Bay Landing
Bridge Landing Gallows
Quartern Island Kerner Island
Derry Point Mausoleum of Dusk
Palace District Northbank Tower
South Bayside Quaytown Point
Trennon Silver Temple
West Marketplace  
North Bayside  
North Bank  
East Quaytown  
West Quaytown  
East Marketplace  
Caravan Landing  
East Bridge  

Notes: The regions closer to the wall are newer and poorer; some houses are built directly against the wall. The islands surrounding the main bay are the oldest architecturally speaking, with the palace district to the south and residential to the north - that island off the northwest is abandoned and presumably haunted. Towards the middle of the city are trade districts, which are interspersed with smaller bays for goods delivery and floating markets. The landings are checkpoints at the main entrances to the city - by the two land routes and at the deep anchorage in the main bay. Due to pirate presence, the city must keep close watch on the movement of goods into and out of the city.

The general development of the city chronologically is from east to west, that is, expanding out from the bay. Harlen, Trennon and Newtown are the most recently gentrified districts, and the architecture in these regions reflects this in the more generous proportions of the buildings and economical use of canals.

There is a large Opera House in East Quaytown, in the far lower corner of that section, with a balcony facing the Mausoleum of Dusk

Rivers Bend - City Overview
Players Map of Rivers Bend - City Overview