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Historical Time Line

Rivers Bend - History

The city of Rivers Bend started a new Calendar based on the signing of the Treaty of North Hoarbrite which excluded the city from its protections after negotiations broke down on the continued independence of Rivers Bend and the city of Loosend.

-134 RBR {789 TGR} burning of Dryads Lair and influx of wealthy refugees to Rivers Bend

-132 RBR first Teatro opens in the North Bank district

-101 RBR the first performance of the Dragons Gold Opera

-99 RBR the second coming of the Grey Death, the Bridge is built in response

-50 RBR the Opera Khôltar is performed for the first time and the Teatro burns down during the premiere,

-48 RBR The Opera Khôltar is performed and the Teatro is hit by lightning, killing the lead singer, there are no subsequent productions for over a hundred years

-15 RBR {1 SKR} signing of the Treaty of North Hoarbrite

1 RBR {15 SKR, 927 TGR} The Nest is completed and Rivers Bend starts a new Calendar

85 RBR the Opera Khôltar is reintroduced and Drow Pirates attack the theatre barge where it is being performed

86 RBR the third coming of the Grey Death, the western wall is torn down and rebuilt with stone farther west, removing all land entrances to the city except over the Bridge

164 RBR the western wall is reinforced and a gatehouse is added for land based caravan traffic

201 RBR the Opera Khôltar is reintroduced under a different name (the Happy Prince) and the lead singer dies in mysterious circumstances an hour before opening curtain

225 RBR the first running of the Regatta di Storica from Rivers Bend to Dryads Lair

250 RBR the Regatta di Burano disqualifies a team for picking up their gondola and carrying it across an island

253 RBR the Regatta di Burano formalizes the rule that all contestants must keep their boat in the water at all times after a team attempts to use an Air Elemental to carry their skiff over the course

298 RBR the year without a Carnival, after drought and a war with Orcs devastated the city

308 RBR a hurricane sweeps through Lake Peipus destroying more than 200 ships in its wake

323 RBR two Bugbear slave galleys are sunk during a battle on Lake Peipus a third one escapes