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Rivers Bend - Rivers Bend - History

Rivers Bend - Political & Society

Rivers Bend has a long history of noble family squabbles. Starting from a small town on the edge of Lake Peipus Rivers Bend grew exponentially when a Greek Crusade burned Dryads Lair in -134 RBR {793 TGR}. Throughout the cities history there has not a part of society that is not controlled by one of the noble houses. The Loredan family along with the Del Trill and Di Orva are considered the three founding noble families of Rivers Bend with several other noble houses that have been established for over a century. During the great influx of people from the burning some groups of families moved farther west to Loosend or Blackwater.

There are many different titles that the various families have assigned to themselves. When any meeting of the noble families is called by the merchant council the three founding houses are seated at the head of the table and each takes turns placing the rest of the attendees along the two flanks of the tables. There is room for eighteen seats at the table. This is a clear indication of which families have achieved distinction and some of the never ending shifting of power between the merchant families. Those invited to seat at the table are considered the major houses and those that must stand on the sidelines of a meeting are considered minor houses. There are often a dozen or more minor families in attendance at such meetings. The bottom three selections are inevitably seen to be only one step up, though they may have a long storied lineage.

Some of the Noble houses:

LoredanSilver & BlackPalace District?
Di OrvaBlack & GoldNorthbank Tower
Captain Rillja sails for
Del TrillGreen & Red 
De la Veraci (Duke)Orange & AquaPalazzo San Rebal, North Bayside
Sarengar sails for
DandolloBlue & Green/small pile of coinsthe island of Usthart, Trennon
Captain Ventier sails for
LionWhite with Blue slash 
PriuliRed & White 

Minor Familes

LuriaBlack & Teala leaping fish
MelidonteBluea spinning wheel
Thackery? a broadsword

Other Notable Figures

  • Gremil Ghent" and died in 44 RBR - Dwarven adventurer who was a member of the Six Griffons Lodge

Rivers Bend is known for its trade in goods and almost as important is the University at Rivers Bend that attracts noble family students from all over the Small Kingdoms. The Prince has always held the traditional role of Chancellor of the University although many over the years have left the actual running of the University to the Chairman of the University which is appointed by the Prince.

In a wealthy city there are always lots of chances to celebrate. There are events all year long but from the fall harvest to the spring planting is a whirlwind of activity. There is a set of regattas that kicks off with the Regatta di Burano to celebrate the harvest and culminates in the Regatta di Sant'Erasmo to celebrate the start of planting.


Regatta di Burano - 1st day of the Ninth month

This regatta wraps the harvest festival season and kicks off a month long Carnival holiday season. The regatta turns most of the city into a racecourse. This rowing regatta starts at a rope stretched between the Gallows and Bay Landing. The contestants leave from there and need to reach the first mark of Quaytown Point to collect a flag. Then the course continues to Kerner Island to collect the second flag. Next is the Mausoleum of Dusk to collect the third flag. The next challenge is to pass under the Ponte Sesto Punto and deposit the first two flags then race to the finish line between the Gallows and Bay Landing to drop off the third flag. With these points in common participants can travel any of the many canals that lead between each location with an average length of the course being about 4 3/4 miles long.

Notable races - in 250 RBR a team was disqualified for picking their gondola up out of the water and carrying it to the next check point, claiming they were avoiding a collision. Three years later another team was disqualified for using an Air Elemental to carry their skiff over the entire course

Carnival - entire month

This is a month of parties and celebrations. Every theater puts on a new performance of some sort and some blocks of the city are turned into overnight extravaganzas with many Festival Events to enjoy.

Regatta di Storica - 1st day of the Tenth month This regatta has racers leave on the 1st and head out to Dryads Lair and the first to return to the harbor master wins.

Notable races - the 100th running was on 325 RBR (339 SKR)

Regatta di Caorle - 1st day of the Eleventh month

Regatta di Peipus - - 1st day of the Twelfth month This regatta takes place out on Lake Peipus on a traditional three legged course. All competing boats are identical small sailing craft. This race is meant to test a captains skill and luck rather than how impressive his ship is. This is one of the sailing events that draws captains from Terraguard where similar events are held on their inland seas.

Regatta di Sant'Erasmo - 1st day of the First month This regatta follows the same course of the Regatta di Burano with the primary distinction in this regatta is that all boats competing must have equal male and female numbers in their crew. This tends to create two person teams for quick and mobile racing. Rather than the stronger teams of four where losing one team member means losing a second one teams of two can react quickly and travel through the smaller canals and under certain bridges easier.


  • the Barber - it is the story of a young man who is in love with two different women, and not to give too much away but one is with child and one is married. I will ask that you come to see which is which and why

parking spot for NPC names mentioned in Rivers Bend.

95% of city is human

  • Housekeeper - Palazzo San Rebal
  • Old male servant - Palazzo San Rebal
  • Captain #1 -
  • Captain #2 - Captain Ventier, sails for Dandollo, bet with Indigo
  • Captain Rillja - only sails no rowing, captain of the Pinacle for Di Orva
  • Guard #8 - brother to Winter, works at Palazzo San Rebal
  • Woman - Winter, flirted with Llath but rejected him for being an elf and not being a man
  • Dockmaster
  • Mr Harken - patron of arts, knows Del Trill, Dandollo and De la Veraci
  • Master Earwine - ship repair, chandlery
  • Worker at Chandlery
  • Duke De la Veraci - patron of Sarengar's singing & sailing
  • Guard #9 Mr. Bog - guard at jail 25 jails in the city?
  • Opera Master -
  • Man - evil, ran off, Drell del Trill
  • Milner Tross - ship repair, works for Master Earwine, red headed, from a viking longship
  • Harbormaster, many clerks working for him
  • Guard - guard at Jail in East marketplace
  • Lucrezia - girl infatuated with Sarengar from opera house
  • Brandy - another girl with a crush on Sarengar, older than Lucrezia by three years
  • Bishop Windarlyn - at Greek Temple in East Marketplace near East Quaytown
  • sister of Drell del Trill
  • Earl Chester del Trill
  • Knight of the House Dondollo
  • Ships Captain for Vanity
  • Guard for house Dondollo - now dead, named Sant
  • Commander of the guard for house Dondollo
  • Young priest working for Duke De la Veraci
  • Young Captain at party hosted by Melidonte
  • Silgin - messenger for?
  • Olin - artist who paints
  • Quartz - friend of Rendens
  • Apprentice at Pyromancers tower
  • Archibald Topp - steward/caretaker at Six Griffons Lodge
  • Dalby Dragfoot - bartender at Six Griffons Lodge
  • Mrs. Beeke - Cook at Six Griffons Lodge - now dead
  • Fatima - Maid at Six Griffons Lodge