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Rivers Bend Stories

The adventurers had many different encounters in the city of Rivers Bend and this is a collection of the different stories and events.

Discusion Threads

Stretching Their Legs

Sep 03 11 - Birthday Game 2011 - 1-9-339 SKR - Regatta di Burano

Oct 21 11 - 13-10-339 SKR - Regatta di Storica, party and Opera

Stretching Their Legs from 18-10-339 SKR to 18-10-339 SKR

Nov 18 11Nov 25 11- Regatta di Peipus, organize for Flower Power

Six Griffons Lodge - Feb 03 12 - Feb 10 12

A River Runs Through It from 22-6-345 SKR to ???

In Character Discussions - Leg C - Six Griffons Lodge

Character Quotes

Feed Back & Recollections

I decided I needed a place to collect the several adventures that the group had in the city of Rivers Bend. Some of these are part of another story arc and some are small one or two session adventures that stand alone from others.