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Main / Rivertown


This is a small village that sits in a very stategic spot on the Rumbling River. Only a partial day walk south of Wolfspack, Rivertown lies at the spot where the Great Trade Route crosses the river at this spot.

This town survives because of the actions taken by the founders and current rulers.

The orignal founder of the town was a group of adventurers known as The Swift Seven. When they decided to settle down they picked an area where the Great Trade Route would bring them the most profit. They took over a ferry service that crossed the river here. Within a few years they were very rich, and had to constantly defend their territory from river pirates as well as various humanoid tribes that came from both the Leper Mountains and the Great Mountains.

The group hired a small group of mages to come up with a better solution. This group used their enchantments to create the great bridge that now sits across the river. (These mages later went on to rule the town of Gelligaer.) Rivertown decided rather than try to make it on their own they would work with the druids in Wolfspack to become extremely lawful in their actions.

Anyone can cross the bridge for a set fee. This has led to some unusual instances such as one where an army of gnolls paid the toll to cross the river then savagely attacked the countryside north of the river.

Some of the well known residents of the populace here include:

Victoriana Sousterra