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Robert Vetere


Robert (at this point we had BOB, Rob, Bob A. so Robert it was) came to us as the last man my sister dated who joined our game. He did receive a bit of teasing for finding us that way, but he quickly won acclaim at the table for his way of finding just the right phrase to get a point across. When he became my brother in-law it sealed his fate that he would be part of our game.

He was just a visitor in the house wandering by when a guest DM (Fritz) was trying to explain what a piece of glass looked like. "so it is limo tint"

Two party members out on the town who get poisoned in a tattoo parlor after seeing a black cat: "We hate cats" was the cry at the table anytime anything remotely resembling feline came up.

During an adventure in recovering a magical cauldron from a giant: "We are the curse"

Through the years he had quotes he would write out and hold up like a poster at the game at the appropriate time.

His crowning comment might have come at the Tenth Anniversary Game. Faced with a trapped lock that needed a snow flake and the breath of a butter fly among other things to open he asked the group in all seriousness "so do you think this is a mechanical trap or a magical one?" It took several minutes for everyone in the room to recover.

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Hanin Fentesk?

Fleance? (henchman)