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Rob Williams


As one of my life long best friends Rob helped keep the campaign grounded and running smoothly. Keeping us out of much too serious debates on arcane rules, or coming up with a winning strategy for getting the party out of a jam, Rob can always be counted on to provide the right amount of competitiveness with team work to help ease past those inevitable bumps in the road over the years.

Player Comments


Marion Cecil Francisco? (bard) Died 15-2-1233 TGR

Reginald Pagmalian Died 3-12-1238 TGR

Grinkle (henchman) (hobgoblin thief) Died 14-9-1237 TGR
Arames (henchman) (gnome illusionist) Left to join Mhoram Dahl
Roberto (henchman) - left when Reginald died
Glenda (henchman) (dwarf) - left to join Kira Fancy

Zonner (gnome)

Bol T. Hexler