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9/14/07 Sometimes BOB or other DM's just want things to happen, even if they have to bend or break the rules. As a part time DM I understand and appreciate it. But sometimes it just burns me up as a player. Take tonight for an example. We are fighting a cloth bear, when we show our strength it moves and hides so we move up to it and then it gets the chance to move again and attack. Look it up in the rules, you can not Move, stop and move again. Not in D&D,unless your an Elf (remind me to rant about elves) in the end it really meant nothing this time. But I will remember and when the time comes, I will use it against BOB.

But when the creature's attack is a leap, and it has not moved more than half its movement for the round it does get an attack.

So the bear in this case moved on its Initiative and 'hold attack'. When the character comes around the corner, leap to attack. Total ground covered was approximately 10 feet between the retreat, and then the leap to attack later that same round. BOB

When you pull an obscure rule like that you should post a link, that is what this is site format is for. You may have said he leaped, but it was not mentioned that it was a "Leap" attack. A link to the monster showing it's special attack mode would be nice too!