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Rumbling River

The Rumbling River is one of the great rivers of the world along with the Jumpa River and forms a large barrier to traffic and migrations north south on the western side of the Great mountains.

It starts in several spots in the Great Mountains and the many streams and rushing waters knot and join into a true river while it is still in the mountains and high hills. The waters rush down and westward becoming a rumbling torrent that quickly widens out just west of the mountains.

There was an old ferry service in a spot where the river became calm enough for crossing. This ferry crossing became Rivertown, just to the south of Wolfspack. As the Rumbling River flows westward past the Bronda hills and Kryptgarden Forest it becomes a wide river that contains several small islands.

As the river takes a long twisted course to the northwest and it is joined by the Ammites River? near ?? in Terraguard. Continuing on its way the Rumbling River passes through Lake Volvi where the Charados River adds to the flow. After a couple hundred miles it is joined by the ?? River that flows past Terrabrink. As the Rumbling River flows to the southwest it empties into Lake Peipus where it add to the confluence of the Velikaya River at Rivers Bend. Most of the shipping that travels over the rivers launches from the harbors at Rivers Bend or Dryads Lair.

All the river traffic that goes up and down stream from this area to Rivertown and Wolfspack provides a tempting target for pirates. There are many along the river. Some that hide in the many small islands scattered along the river, and others that launch from hidden moorings on either side of the river.