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Branwyn takes a look at the parchment and laughs at Ghent writing what the letters in Silvershower look like to the person who, one would assume, knows how to read the rest of the note, like where he is supposed to go to get paid. "Well, at least we have one mystery solved. Ghent's only intent was to send the thieves to steal the flail and clearly he was not behind the murders of the poor cook and Dalby. So I think we should tie up our little thief here before Indigo does him any more damage. Then we can deliver him and his note to Archibald in the morning so he and the lodge members can deal with Ghent in their own way.

But that's the easy part. We still don't have a grip on that strange baboon-man type creature who poisoned or did something to Sarengar that is making him weak. If that creature is truly similar to the one that we killed in the dining room, perhaps we need to examine it a little better or perhaps Archibald shall be able to shed some light on the subject once he is able to see one of the 'ghosts' who has been hauntng him of late. Unless we get attacked again, I'm not sure how much more we can learn until we show what we've found to Archibald. So I vote for securing the thief and going back to sleep. Renden can take my watch," she says yawning and looking back towards that luxurious bedroom at the end of the hall.