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Six Griffons Lodge - Out of Character Discussions

Heres a thought, we have that spear that is magical why dont we research it at the lodge and maybe any other weapons we have that are magical who knows maybe they are better than we know


I wanted to post a little here to help this 1-2 day adventure not take 3 whole sesions. Hope it is fun for all. Even if you have not played, you can still contribute.

Starting with a basic description of how we left it.

The group is in the entry way to the music room with a human theif who had gotten a magical mace off the wall but was intrupted by Sarengar and a battle broke out. The thiefs partner thought his was smart to retreat but Indigo killed him while he was trying to climb out the window to a rope. Sarengar took the bulk of the damage, including loose a few point of strength.

Just when things seems calm Sarengar heard some comotion comming from the closet. When he opened the door a halfling dressed in black and posed like a star started shuffling towards him. Being week but not stupid, Sarengar stepped out of the way and let the dwarf knock the halfling back into the closet. There was a minor blast from somthing that fell but the dwarf shrugged it off.

A basic examination leads you to believe the halfling is the bartender Dalby dressed in black and drained of strength similar to the cook. He was proped up on sticks to move when the door opened.

The surviving thief, who almost died when he tried once again to escape, dropped a note that said:


Dalby seems disturbed by something strange going on at the lodge - ghosts or something like that. The cowardly buffon is almost certainly exaggerating, but any “haunting” will provide you with excellent cover for your job. Enter the building through the smashed window if you can. Steal the flail called Silvershower. Its label looks like this: SILVERSHOWER. You can ring this chime to unlock the flail, but you may need to try two or three times. Do not steal anything else. The steward, Topp, may have trapped the other weapons. Come to think of it, he may have trapped Silvershower, too. Get that runt Dalby to pick it up for you, just to be safe. He plans to break in through the storage room closet. Come to the alley where we met for the other half of your payment the night after next. And watch out for “ghosts”! -Ghent

You can post in character or out to gather more information.

one thing we need to do is look for that chime, and maybe try to find a list of members to see if ghent is a member that got greedy, because im beginning to think that maybe the "ghost" haunting the place is actually the spirit of the lodges founder trying to protect against thieves.


The steward Tropp told you there is a Houfin Ghent, a member and dwarf whom is expected for the luncheon later today. The chime is in the bag with the flail.

Guest DM

The other item of interest if you missed it was one Haunting Elemental, that was in the form of a Baboon stacked some books before you encountered it in the hall way. From top to bottom:
God-Kings of the South
Not in Our Woods: Tales of the Direwood Rangers
I, Too Have brought my Spear
Killing blow
Elven Weapons, Vol 6
Elven Weapons, Vol 3
Silver Light
Deep Beneath the waves
Ocean Battles
Littlest Heroes: The Halfling People
Battleaxes of the North
Never Shall I Put Down my Blade
Warrior Hyms\\, scopes out the place Ancient Weapons
Ride Like a Cavalier
Demons Among Us
Leaders of the Dwarves
Everything you wanted to know about Otyughs
Eleven Weapons, Vol 4
The Hardest Road: Campaigning in the Great Mountains
Swords of Valor

Wrap Up

sorry it ran a little long, I hope you had at least as much fun as I did. I want to leave a little room for roleplaying here but still let you start off next week with the adventure complete and moving on.

As the luncheon is winding down, Fatiima comes up to thank you for loaning her Koorin, she scouts out the music room and as she is leaving says "too bad he got away with the mace and the ax, hope he puts it to good use" and winks as she goes back downstairs.

Heckat comes back in from reading a but more and makes it clear to everyone that the curse is not lifted until the weapon is used in battle, probably against evil.

Eventually Topp comes up with Lord Thackery. They appreciate what the group did to help, things would not have gone well at all without them. They verify that Topp was downstairs at the time Ghent was upstairs and have no explanation for what might have happened but they will deal with Ghent, they only hope the haunting is indeed over.

Anything you want to do before you leave the house?