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This Jarldom lies along the South Eastern border of Terraguard and along with Wingstone? and Mactirr is one of the three largest border countries. They are one of the many countries in this part of Terraguard that follow the Viking Way.

The Jarl of Sargil is the head chieftain of the group of families that rule this area. It is an elected position by the landowners in Sargil. This Law Speaker rules from the Great House in Sargil. This is a small amount of land set aside for all to use in turn as they are elected. Each territory has a small handful of landowners who all meet to cast a single vote for the Law Speaker at their own territories great house. This election can be called at any time by one of the fourteen families, and elections are held if eight of the families agree that they are needed.

The 15 territories of Sargil are:

2Singing BrookLund

The Great House is currently occupied by the Thorloft family head. Currently (as of 17-5-1259 TGR) she has several problems. Gelda Runeslayer is dealing with an Orc tribe to the East, a clan of Giants to the Northeast and at the same time wants to expand her territory to the Southwest into land that is currently occupied by Wingstone?.

The current plan to deal with these problems is to allow Orc, Goblin or other Humanoids to pass through Sargil on their way into Wingstone? as long as those raiders do not attack any of the villages or hamlets in Sargil along the way. She reasons that this will help weaken the Earl's hold there and she could move her own forces in to provide security. If any of those raiding groups do attack her people she is prepared to launch counter attacks and raid into the hills and mountains for swift revenge.