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Note: This kit is taken from the book Skills and Powers.

Another Scout kit is available from the Complete Thief's Handbook.

Scouts are those characters who are most at home in the wilderness. They can be hunters, loggers, trappers or furriers. Or they might be employed by the campaign’s military forces to patrol the country’s borders and keep a furtive eye on the nation’s enemies. As a rule, they are brave—even daring. Few others would voluntarily cross into enemy territory to ascertain troop movements or the locations of the monsters’ stronghold. Wilderness is not limited to forests. Any geographic region that is untouchedby civilization qualifies. Such areas can include the desert, arctic tundra, tropical rain forests, mountain valleys, or even natural cave complexes—perhaps leading to the Underdark.

Social ranks: Scouts come from the lower tiers of society. Roll 2d6 to determine a scout’s social rank.
2d6 roll Rank
2–5 Lower Class
6–12 Lower Middle Class

Requirements: Scouts must be able to discern a dangerous situation from a lethal one. All scouts need a minimum Wisdom/Intuition score of 12. This kit is open to all races and classes.

Weapon proficiencies: Scouts can be proficient in any weapons that fit with their adventuring class. Since they are frequently outnumbered by foes, most scouts select missile weapons to help them even the odds.

Recommended nonweapon proficiencies: Tracking, survival, fire-building, hunting, mountaineering, rope use, set snares, swimming, carpentry, direction sense, weather sense.

Equipment: Scouts do not enter the wilderness unprepared. Scouts must purchase adequate clothing for the season, rations and water, flint and steel, rope, bedroll, a small hammer, and pitons. They can purchase any weapons, armor, and other equipment with any gold they have remaining.

Recommended traits: Alertness, fast healer, impersonation, keen eyesight, keen hearing, keen sense of touch, light sleeper.

Benefits: Scouts gain a +1 bonus to all nonweapon proficiency checks while in the wilderness or natural cave settings.

Hindrances: Scouts are ill at ease in urban or dungeon settings. They suffer a –1 penalty on all nonweapon proficiency checks when in such locales.

Wealth: Standard for the character’s class.