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Scroll of Shelter

The Dragonslayers use a Scroll of Shelter as their party pack to carry around miscellaneous gear that might be needed during an adventure.

This scroll is inscribed with an elaborate drawing of a 10 feet-square room, lit, with two beds, a table and two chairs, and food and drink for two on the table. This pair of normal swords hangs on the far wall, each above a shield. If the scroll is hung on any vertical surface, the room pictured may be entered and the items used. The food and drink are pure and can nourish any living thing. The swords and shields may be taken down and used. However, none of the items can be removed from the room.

If the scroll is taken down the room cannot be entered or left, but remains in existence in another dimension. If any creatures are in the room when the scroll is taken down the air inside permits survival for up to 24 hours. No creatures caught in it can escape by any means other than a wish. The food and drink are replenished each time the scroll is taken down. The room can be created once a day and will remain for up to 12 hours per use; if not removed in that time, the scroll falls down by itself.