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Main / Seagate


The large city of Seagate is the entrance to the Island Kingdoms for those heading south. For those from the Island Kingdoms Seagate is beginning of the Great Trade Route going north into the continent.

The motto of Seagate often seems to be "anything for a price". It is known as the rowdiest, sleaziest, most chaotic city in the known world. There is only one rule that is followed with no exceptions. No Flame in the City. This is because the city is built out over the water to such an extent that is can be hard to know where the land actually is. Over half the buildings in the city have rooms that are waterproofed and are below the water line. Anyone violating this rule in a willful manner is considered to be under a death sentence that can be carried out by the closest person.

All lighting and cooking needs to be done by magic or with special 'cooking stoves' that are permitted by the Lords of the City. Signs are posted at all the land entrances to the city and there is a Light Guard that patrols the city as well. The Light Guard carries a supply of continual light coins that are for sale. The funds are given to the Keldorian church in exchange for creating the coins and for the church's continued efforts to help maintain the city's safety.

Seagate was refounded just after the Great Cataclysm. This refers to an event where all the lands along the continental shelf were destroyed and the floor of the sea fell away. The Lords of the City came into being at this point and rebuilt the city seemingly overnight.

Sample questions the Firewatch asks visitors with the truth rods:

  • Do you wish to enter the city?
  • What is your name?
  • Who do you swear allegiance to?
  • Do you have any means of creating a flame?
Note that unlike Wolfspack the Firewatch does not keep any records, they only ask to try and gauge a person's intentions.