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Sean Conner


Sean came to us through Lorie and was an experienced roleplayer who immediately fit right into our game. His flair for creating a quirky character that was able to be part of the team was quickly appreciated. Sean's sense of humor has always been evident and over the years everyone came to depend on him being around.

Sean also hosted the first two versions of our website for us as well as maintaining a list-serve for our needs. He always helped to push the game along and to keep us focused on the task at hand if things got too carried away. Many times as most of the group was working out elaborate strategies he would be the first to quote 'no plan survives contact with the enemy' and be ready to fly by the seat of his pants to save the day. Or somersault onto the back of a dead bat and fly it to safety.

Player Comments

Hey Fudge! Fudge? Hello, do we have a thief or what? Jess


Hiro Protagonist?

Manny Zurich?

El Fudge?