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Sep 04 15 - Diplomatic Entanglements

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Sep 04 18:26:57 EDT 2015 ====

[Master (to GM only)] Eleven Ambassador moved 1'02".

[Master (to GM only)] Eleven Ambassador moved 1'07".

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] Testing

[Master] be right back up after drinks and snacks are aquired

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

Mike has joined the game on Fri Sep 04 19:08:18 EDT 2015

Mike is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

Mike has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Mike] hey bob

[Master] Hello there

[Master] Lisa will be in shortly

[Master] was waiting for you

[Mike] should i go to table top?

[Mike] oh, i'm the first in?

[Master] no stay here

[Master] tabletop is up as a backup

[Mike] so i'm going to buy one of those droids

[Master] did you download the latest version?

[Mike] no, not yet

[Master] you should try out the Sphero first

[Master] we have them to check out

[Master] stop by the library tomorrow

[Mike] lol. okay.

[Master] I will put one aside for you

[Mike] awesome

[Master] you can take it home for a couple of weeks

[Master] the apps are free

[Mike] so we've got a new brewery right around the corner

[Master] oh?

[Mike] i think it'll be my new go to place.

[Mike] bangin banjo brewery

[Master] close enough to walk?

[Mike] not that close.

[Mike] about a mile

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Sep 04 19:12:38 EDT 2015

Lisa is receiving the map New Residence second floor...

[Master] so close enough to not get in trouble, can walk if need be

[Mike] maybe a mile and a half. just south of sample on powerline

[Mike] yeah.

Lisa has received the map New Residence second floor.

[Mike] what isp do you have?

[Master] I use advanced cable

[Mike] i just got the news about the cap comcast is putting on their internet service and i'm worried about it

[Master] stuck with them or DSL

[Mike] was going to switch to att, but apparently they have an even smaller cap

[Master] and Hello Lisa

[Master] at least you get a choice

[Master] I have fiber to the house

[Lisa] Hello :)

[Master] but ATT will not give me service

[Master] I could have gigabit if they got their act together

[Mike] hey lisa

[Mike] i'm waiting for google fiber

[Master] so Mike will you be around tomorrow night to work on things?

[Mike] i don't see why not

[Mike] you want me to come to your house?

[Master] no

[Master] I just was told Jo-an and Mom are coming to dinner at 6

[Master] so I might not be up right at 7

[Mike] ah. okay.

[Master] will text you and Lisa when I am avaialble and if you are around great

[Master] of course you could and should test indepentently also

[Lisa] ok

[Master] to see what you like and dislike

[Master] so do you feel caught up on where things are in the game Mike?

[Lisa] likes strolls on the beach and picnics

[Mike] nope, but i'll just roll with it

[Master] red wine

[Lisa] dislikes mean people and broccoli

[Master] pizza

[Lisa] :)

[Mike] i personally like the option for preloaded dice rolling

[Master] yes it will be all set

[Master] to click a button and it rolls

[Mike] in real life i like to roll out the 1's, but you can't do that in virtual dice

[Lisa] no mike wasn't in last week!

[Lisa] Branwyn got marked for a demon hunt :)

[Mike] nice

[Mike] protetion from evil

[Mike] and you're good. =P

[Lisa] she opened the wrong book

[Master] I think you need to explain that one a bit better

[Master] what you actually did

[Lisa] I think we have a scroll for that

[Lisa] was in royal library

[Lisa] opened a chained book and a red spot came out and landed on Branwyn's chest

[Lisa] kenna said that marked me for a hunt

[Lisa] she tried to remove curse but it didn't work

[Lisa] don't know a lot

[Mike] okay. so we get to fight a bunch of demons and hellhounds

[Mike] i say you get a lot of prince face time in the near future

[Lisa] but if a demon shows up he's probably looking for branwyn

[Mike] then his guards can take care of it for you

[Master] chuckles

[Mike] either that, or they kill everyone and we stage a coup

[Lisa] will be interesting since we have a party coming up

[Mike] i did that in bibo's game once and it worked out great

[Lisa] they were not invited

[Mike] he made me reitre my character once he became king, but so worth it. what a great character retirement

[Lisa] but we aren't in the seat of power

[Lisa] if we kill prince the king sends troops down on us

[Mike] then we send branwyn to the king for mourning (after all she is going to marry the prince) and then the demons kill the king for us.

[Lisa] lol

[Lisa] I am not marrying the prince

[Master] and testing over in TC shows that yes the \ appended to the lines will work

[Master] and no he will not marry branwyn

[Master] he has never married and will not

[Master] Sam on the other hand I suppose she could try

[Lisa] the bastard with no lands or inheritance

[Lisa] yipee

[Lisa] he is very nice though

[Mike] the king doens't have to know that

[Mike] they could be planning the announcement when the demons kill him

[Mike] and she goes to her once future father in law for comfort and safety

[Mike] then we give the demons all the souls of the nobles who might object to us taking over in return for calling off the hunt

[Mike] i mean, i guess that's a little evil, but afterward we can totally build a bunch of orphanages for all the newly orphaned noble kids and gain that goodness back

[Master] I am not saying it will not work,

[Lisa] lol

[Lisa] jusy completely OOC for branwyn

[Lisa] just

[Master] but I do think you need to get through at least 2 months here in town before you try to stage a coup

[Lisa] lol

[Mike] i guess...

[Lisa] how do we know we even want this place?

[Mike] because it's here.

[Mike] every group i play in, i play with the idea of manifest destiny

[Mike] the only reason a gm makes a land is as a challenge for me to conquer

[Lisa] did we just execute you?

[Master] you have downloaded the globe right? you know there are un-named continents out there for you

[Mike] nope, but i do now! heh heh heh

[Master] and out west there are entire places to visit that no one has ever gone

[Master] no player has gone west of Loosend

[Master] only TMO has created a character from Blackwater

[Mike] one day i want to run or play in a lawful evil campaign where a group of like minded villains gets together to conquer the world

[Master] how about a game with no alignments?

[Mike] or that. i just don't want douchy backstabbers who use the excuse that we're evil to be assholes

[Master] once we get Tabletop fixed up for us

[Master] and all our Dragonslayer stuff is up to speed and the group is used to tabletop

[Master] I am debating on running a second game, Traveller once a month

[Master] to help solve the problems of split parties

[Lisa] isn't being an asshole part of the I'm evil job description?

[Master] one night a month everyone is together

[Master] and can play

[Mike] nooooo

[Master] all characters

[Mike] watch dr horrible some day

[Lisa] lol

[Master] so tonight

[Master] the plan is to have dinner with the Elven Ambassador

[Master] at the Palace

[Master] Branwyn and Imari attending is the plan

[Lisa] mike has no opinion on traveller night?

[Lisa] I've never played so I'm not allowed to have an opinion

[Master] I doubt he has either

[Mike] no idea. never used it either

[Mike] i know shadowrun and besm, but not traveller

[Master] it will be a science fiction game

[Mike] sweet

[Master] more classic sci fi rather than star wars

[Master] trading across the quadrant

[Mike] less sweet, but okay i guess.

[Master] adventures

[Master] there will be psionics

[Master] there will not be light sabers

[Master] there will be blasters

[Mike] today i heard a pretty interesting idea of how to differentiate wars and trek

[Master] there will not be a federation

[Mike] starwars is based on mythology while trek is based on sience

[Master] this is very true

[Mike] happy force friday btw

[Master] and there is the possiblility of going the DS9 route of a large station to base the group out of

[Master] depending on how we decide to do things

[Mike] ds9 was the best of the treks if you ask me

[Lisa] I agree

[Master] there is a LOT of work to do before hand

[Master] but I wanted to let it float out there for anyone

[Master] there will be a full Sci Fi set of assetts for Tabletop

[Master] Prince Loplin moved 7'02".

[Master] Sam moved 8'00".

[Master (to GM only)] Elven Ambassador moved 38'03".

[Master (to GM only)] Elf #2 moved 40'07".

[Master (to GM only)] Elf #4 moved 29'03".

[Master (to GM only)] Elf #3 moved 23'11".

[Master] Branwyn moved 1'09".

[Master] Imari moved 1'01".

[Master (to GM only)] Elf #3 moved 4'04".

[Master] I just am a little frustrated with how long it has taken in real time to bring the group back together

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (sorry)

[Master] partially because it was not planned out to have Eric not be here for several months

[Master] it is not your fault

[Master] no player is to blame

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (don't go on vacation any more)

[Master] LOL

[Master] well I will not for a while that I know of

[Branwyn (Lisa)] :)

[Mike] i go on vacation for a long weekend, so i'm not bad.

[Mike] plus, i'm in the backseat for this group

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (now that we are getting down to the wire - we can just click them back the next time eric and michael show up)

[Master] and yes to Lisa and Mike you are actually key now

[Master] in the city stuff

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we just need to get through this elven dinner and mike and I can do that tonight)

[Mike] dinnar!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (this is same day as library or next day?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (i might have screwed up spells)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (oh no - I kept it)

[Master] OK found and replaced Imari and Branwyn's icons

[Master] we will see if they stay the next time Klooge opens

[Master] and yes this is the same night as the library visit

[Master] the 8th

Lisa is receiving the map New Residence first floor...

Lisa has received the map New Residence first floor.

[Mike] so imari is puttering around the house and branwyn comes home?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (had no clue what map we were on)

[Master] yes to Mike

[Master] Branwyn comes home from her visit to the ROyal Library

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so we are not all at the table?)

[Master] not yet

[Master] this is the table at the Royal Palace tonight

[Master] you are still at home in the afternoon right now

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Hello Imari. You should have come to the library today. It was quite exciting and everyone survived.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Ilero had his hand frozen but the damage wasn't permanent

[Mike] "That's good."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Flames shot out of a book and I thought the librarian was going to attack us or have a heart attack himself on the spot.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And then there was this other book...

[Mike] ::chuckles:: "That is probably the worst nightmare of a librarian."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Apparently I have been marked for a demon hunt after opening an evil book.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] This red light came out of the book and settled itself right on me.

[Mike] I am back at the keyboard.

[Imari (Mike)] "I see..."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The book said "Fiendomicon if Iggwilv "

[Imari (Mike)] "Do you know anything about it? Did the book have information about the hunt?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Which I suppose is demon for we're coming for you.

[Imari (Mike)] "Why would they have a book like that in the library at all? I hope you burned that one."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] there was an priest abjure spell at the front and then all these very high level magic following

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There are at least three that I know of. It's an archive.

[Imari (Mike)] "I still hope you burned it."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We put it in a crate and nailed it up inside.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] None of us could get the chains back on.

[Imari (Mike)] "Burn them all. These books seem to be nothing but trouble."

[Imari (Mike)] "The important information is always shared from master to pupil anyway. Who needs a library like that?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] They're not my books to burn. I don't think Illporn would allow it.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So I have no idea when this demon will show up, but if he does please point him in my direction.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The others are quite worried, but there really isn't much I can do about it now.

[Master] Imari might have a spell to check on things

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Kenna tried to remove it but couldn't or performed the wrong spell.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] She was treating like a curse.

[Imari (Mike)] "I would suspect that it wouldn't matter anyway. You have been brought to this demon's attention."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But it sounds like a tracking device. I feel fine.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I just wish I could get a bit of warning.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] If I start glowing or something.

[Imari (Mike)] "Well, we should hopefully be able to handle this demon.'

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Hmmm ... I wonder if the Guild can find Yulotte for me.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I should ask them one of these days.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You remember him? We got those demon control books for him out of the slanted castle in the air.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But all this red spots of demon hunting make me happy that none of us opened his books way back then.

[Imari (Mike)] "I can't say that I do."

[Master] d you remember when he disapeared?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It's where you found that ring of wooden armour I think

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And you caught people with your spear so they wouldn't fall out the window

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Many years ago.

[Imari (Mike)] "I suppose I remember some. Seems like a long time ago."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He disappeared about the time the Grey Death strick Jistelle and some blamed him for it.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (struck)

[Master] nods

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Haven't seem or heard from him since.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He could have died of the plague, been eaten by a demon or is lounging around being served by a dozen of them.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Anyway, I thought I should warn you.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You might want to steer clear of me for a while.

[Imari (Mike)] ::shrugs::

[Imari (Mike)] "Partik will watch over me, or guide me home. What he wills, will be."

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] I had Jilly lay out a grey gown for you for tonight Branwyn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you Atribella

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] Imari, you do not seem to have anything other than black

[Imari (Mike)] "I only have the two sets of clothes."

[Imari (Mike)] "I think Partik's color is good for any occasion."

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] You have several new sets, I had the dress maker use a set of your clothes to make some new ones

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] there is a nice full length gown

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] but it is in black

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] Jilly said you would like it that way

[Imari (Mike)] "I suspect I will have to alter it before it is wearable." ::sighs::

[Branwyn (Lisa)] If it is the same size as your other clothes you shouldn't have to do anything.

[Imari (Mike)] "Bring needles and threat to my loft. I will do what I can."

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] Well there is no time to do that before tonight is there?

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] and it is in your loft

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] in the chest in the corner

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] that you have the pile of mats on

[Imari (Mike)] "I will have to cut the front of the skirts at least and rip out all those under skirts women here like to wear."

[Imari (Mike)] "A full skirt will be hampering. And I do not relish the idea of these corsettes the women wear."

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] it is just a snug fit

[Imari (Mike)] "I will sew in some spare leather panels and take out the boning."

[Imari (Mike)] "I like my clothes tight to the skin, but those are so restricting."

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] I can help if you wish

[Imari (Mike)] "That will hlep. Bran, if you will excuse me."

[Atribella Olivin (Master)] Phillipe will want you in the carriage early

[Master] Atribella goes up with Imari to help make alterations

[Imari (Mike)] so she'll expand the corsette/boddice top and cut out the front panel of whatever the skirt is so her legs have freedom.

[Imari (Mike)] not wear the underskirts or blouse.

Eric has joined the game on Fri Sep 04 20:21:16 EDT 2015

Eric is receiving the map Base Map...

Eric has received the map Base Map.

[Imari (Mike)] and if there's nice leggings or stocking she'll wear those under the skirt. otherwise, just her usual leather leggings.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Hi Eric! :)

[Imari (Mike)] in otherwords, she'll be her usual scandalous self.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol to mike)

[Eric] hi everyone

[Master] hello Eric

[Master] Eric meet Lisa, Lisa meet ERic

[Eric] lol it feels about that long

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (doing okay?)

[Eric] (ya in the new place now...getting things back together)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I'm glad)

[Eric] (thanks me too)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you have the boys bouncing around tonight?)

[Master] It has been from the first week of May for Eric,

[Eric] (omg insane)

[Eric] wow

[Eric] So i'm obviously a little behind so consider me a new guy again

[Eric] I will take a few sessions to familiar with where we are

[Master] so the very short version

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol - you would think a lot has happened...)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (tristan isn't even home from dragon hunt yet)

[Master] Tristan is still not home yet, but almost, they are in a long boat, viking crew

[Eric] Oh ok cool

[Master] heading south down a totally different river than you were by

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (thought we got to land point last time)

[Master] branwyn is not infected by a demon

[Master] now

[Eric] (is there a way to increase font size in the chat window

[Master] Edit and Preferences

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (It changes size after you hit enter but I haven't been able to change the font while typing)

[Eric] Ah much better

[Master] and maybe most shocking of all for you Eric,

[Master] Imari is putting on a dress to go have dinner with the Elven ambassador

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes - much more so than the baby or the seances)

[Master] oh those things ;)

[Eric] lol

[Eric] well thats a lot to digest

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I didn't know demons infect people I thought they just killed them)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (am I going to get a disease?)

[Master] eat them from the inside out, killing people, half dozen of one

[Master] but that is for the future

[Master] tonight we dine

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Leatherus moved 8'01".

[Master] and I added Leatherus to the guest list for you

[Master] so the Eric has a speaking part

[Eric] heh thanks

[Master] this is in one of the dinning halls in the Hightowers Palace

[Eric] Leatherus moved 1'02".

[Master] not the residence

[Master] Leatherus moved 9'04".

[Eric] I am back at the keyboard.

[Leatherus (Eric)] hehe

[Master] so Branwyn have any instructions to Leatherus or Imari?

[Leatherus (Eric)] (really sorry but what is this about?)

[Leatherus (Eric)] (super cliff note version)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We have been invited to this dinner by the Prince to help entertain the Elven Ambassador.

[Leatherus (Eric)] (thanks)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The prince seems to think we have knowledge of elves but I have only met half elves myself.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So this is a royal event and I think that speaks for itself.

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles at Imari

[Leatherus (Eric)] (lol and Leatherus is present... awesome)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Are we ready?

[Leatherus (Eric)] i am

[Imari (Mike)] sure

[Master] so you get into the carriage and go the few blooks over to the Palace grounds

[Master] you come up through the ball room

[Master] and then after some small talk are lead into an ajoining dinning hall

[Master] the PRince is at the head

[Master] there are Elves on either side of him

[Master] and then Imari on one side, Branwyn on the other

[Master] and alternativn going down

[Master] four elves are here in total

[Master] some minstrels are playing in teh background

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lord Sam is the prince's adopted son)

[Master] on the other sie of Leatherus and Elf #3 are ladies

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (oh no)

[Master] all the elves are male? you would guess, hard to tell with elves

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (leatherus and the ladies)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (icons looking very male)

[Imari (Mike)] "Good evening Prince. Elves."

Elf #2 (Master) nods solemly

Elf #4 (Master) raises a toast to Imari

[Imari (Mike)] ::returns it::

[Prince Loplin (Master)] Mr Ambassador this is Imari of the Barbarians

[Imari (Mike)] "Would happen to be from the area the winged elf was from?"

[Prince Loplin (Master)] she is an aide de camp to Marquessa Branwyn the Mysterious Ambassador from Drillian

[Elf #4 (Master)] winged elf?

[Imari (Mike)] "Yes. Part demon?"

[Elf #4 (Master)] that would be unfourtnate

[Imari (Mike)] "She clamed to be from a group calling themselves the Dragonslayers like us.'

[Elf #4 (Master)] what area would that be?

[Elf #2 (Master)] Do you say you are from the Mountains of Morning?

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] Marquessa Branwyn the Mysterious,

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] I was told you would be here and I was asked to give you a small gift

Elven Ambassador (Master) hands over a long thin box

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] I caution you not to open it until you read the note

Branwyn (Lisa) looks surprised

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Why thank you.

Elf #2 (Master) frowns

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Shall I wait until after dinner?

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] I think it can wait

[Branwyn (Lisa)] i do not wish to disrupt our dinner.

Elven Ambassador (Master) picks at his plate of nuts

Branwyn (Lisa) reads note

Elven Ambassador (Master) looks at Branwyn's roast quail

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (because she can't help herself)

[Imari (Mike)] ::begins eating even though the elves obviously don't like the quail::

[Master] Branwyn the Mysterious, Ambassador and Arbiter, please accept this gift of a silk gown to use at home. A word of caution our silk will not survive the light of day, you should save it till you are home in The Mist

Branwyn (Lisa) eyes light up

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you

Branwyn (Lisa) wishes she had a gift or knew how to be a proper ambassador

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] It was given to me by a gypsy caravan we encountered on our way here

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] they asked if I could convey it for them to you

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] they said you would accept it

Elven Ambassador (Master) frown a bit,

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I will quite happily. Thank you for agreeing to deliver it.

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] but I do not think it originates with them

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] if the spider engraving on the box is any indication

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That is interesting. Turns toward the other guests, It is a gown that can only be worn in the Mist of Drillian.

[Imari (Mike)] hehheh. do you two know where it's from?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I shall have to think upon it.

[Imari (Mike)] "I see. Very interesting indeed."

Elf #4 (Master) glances over at Leatherus, are you eating all of that quail?

Elf #4 (Master) glances down at his plate of nuts

Branwyn (Lisa) puts note away

Leatherus (Eric) frowns

[Leatherus (Eric)] umm

[Leatherus (Eric)] why do you wantsome?

[Imari (Mike)] it's from the drow in finglas' lands. they use a gypsy caravan as a middleman for their silk trade. finglas taxes the shit out of them for it.

Elf #4 (Master) thank you that is a good man

Elf #4 (Master) slaps him on the shoulder

[Elf #4 (Master)] slides the two plates over to switch

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at the plates

[Imari (Mike)] "Why don't you have qual?"

[Elf #4 (Master)] starts to devour the quail

[Leatherus (Eric)] huh i'll be damned elves eat meat huh

[Imari (Mike)] "Did you reuqes the nut plate?"

[Leatherus (Eric)] I thought you lived on tree bark and berries

[Sam (Master)] Elves eat meat?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[Sam (Master)] Yes!

[Sam (Master)] See Leatherus isn't it? See I thought that too!

[Imari (Mike)] "Prince, I'm sure your cooks could make a few more?"

[Sam (Master)] the cooks all diagreed

Branwyn (Lisa) frowns

[Imari (Mike)] "If not I could go get some quickly enough."

[Sam (Master)] I insisted that we have at least good pie for a course

[Leatherus (Eric)] Yes...(looks uncomfortable) sir Sam?

[Leatherus (Eric)] My lord?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Here, Mr. Ambassador, please take my quail as well.

Leatherus (Eric) rubs his head embarrassed

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] No thank you

[Imari (Mike)] ::looks at the elf next to her:: "You want to share?"

Prince Loplin (Master) raised eyebrows in amusements

Elf #2 (Master) fowns and shakes his head

[Prince Loplin (Master)] This is only the first course

[Prince Loplin (Master)] I am certain that the cooks are going to adjust as they see what our guests prefer

Elf #4 (Master) glances over at the Elven ambassador, shrugs and continues to eat

[Elf #3 (Master)] At least he is using a fork today

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] So tell me Ambassador Branwyn the Mysterious

[Imari (Mike)] "Oh? Is he usually not so civilized?"

[Leatherus (Eric)] (omg i'm going to ratchet strap my kids ot their beds)

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] in the Mists of Drillian

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] what do you encounter?

[Imari (Mike)] "Leatherus, let's switch seats. I think I may like that elf."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Please, you may just call me Branwyn. It is much shorter.

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] (youa re sitting next to him already Imari)

[Imari (Mike)] ok

[Imari (Mike)] ::smiles at the meat eater:: "So why do you like the meat and your friends don't?

Elf #4 (Master) snorts

[Leatherus (Eric)] /picks up a handful of nuts and sighss

[Elf #4 (Master)] then lower voice, they are just too polite to say other wise, who doesn't like meat?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] In the towns? Regular people like any other place. Humans with some halflings, dwarves, gnomes and some half elves. But I suppose you wish to know who we encounter in the swamps.

Leatherus (Eric) starts to crunch a few and looks at this old plate

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] (dwarves? grins)

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] I suppose the swamps are most of Drillian aren't they?

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] the description that I have heard

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (and I thought the half elf thing was the controversy)

[Elf #2 (Master)] (no one belives that Qui is a dwarf remember, they think they are legends)

[Elf #2 (Master)] Two hills in a swamp

[Elf #2 (Master)] Is there any more to it than that?

[Imari (Mike)] ::chuckles::

Elven Ambassador (Master) eyebrow twitches

[Imari (Mike)] "You should visit. You live long enough. Take a year and see for yourself."

[Imari (Mike)] ::pulls some meat off the quail and eats it::

Leatherus (Eric) looks around for a servant with wine and raises his glass

[Imari (Mike)] "You could take a trip through Carnak as well."

[Elf #2 (Master)] I enjoy the sunlight dancing on the white peaks of the mountains, I do not think the Mist would be interesting at all

[Imari (Mike)] "The mists are depressing overall, but Drillian also has some beauty to it."

[Elf #3 (Master)] And they all appear to be here at this table

[Imari (Mike)] "Not so much as Carnak, but that's why we don't live there. Too many vampires anyway."

Sam (Master) glances over and smiles, nice line

[Imari (Mike)] ::smiles slyly at number three::

Elf #3 (Master) smiles and nods

[Elf #4 (Master)] Can't you just avoid the vampires?

[Elf #4 (Master)] bright lights and such?

[Imari (Mike)] "Hundreds of years and that's what I get? You need to impress me to come back to my loft."

[Imari (Mike)] "Well I haven't run into one yet, but they are in there. They are the source of the mist. It allows them much greater freedom than they usually have in the sun."

[Elf #4 (Master)] The Mist burns off in the summer?

[Elf #3 (Master)] No, do you not know anything?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It is not a weather created phenomenon

[Elf #3 (Master)] It envelopes everything until you strangle on it

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs lightly

[Elf #3 (Master)] choking the life out of all

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That is not quite true either.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The Mist is very light in the north of Drillian. One hardly notices it at all

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The farther south one goes to the center of the great swamp the thicker it vecomes.

[servant (Master)] comes around refilling drinks as another follows bringing plates of small pies

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (becomes)

[Imari (Mike)] "The mist has no effect except on magic and sunlight. It does not kill."

[Imari (Mike)] "It takes some getting used to, but once you do you are fine."

[Elf #2 (Master)] With no sun how can anyone life

[Elf #2 (Master)] live

[Imari (Mike)] "Depends on who you are, I suppose. The undead seem to love it."

Elf #2 (Master) frowns

[Elf #3 (Master)] Does it make them mroe powerful? a challenge?

[Imari (Mike)] "One day I would like to see Partik blow the mist off of Drillian and watch all the vampires burn."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The sun is there and our crops grow. We just do not see it shining upon us.

Elven Ambassador (Master) talkign quietly with the Prince

[Elf #4 (Master)] you do not see the sun?

Leatherus (Eric) looks to the elf beside him and scoots his plate away

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We see it hazily through the mist but nothing like what we do here in Dryads Lair.

[Elf #2 (Master)] the world is not worth being in without sunlight and laughter

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But I had heard that many elves live underground

Elf #2 (Master) frowns

[Branwyn (Lisa)] They shun light voluntarily.

[Elf #3 (Master)] no real elf lives underground

[Elf #4 (Master)] The dark ones are not our kind, they are a perverted distant race

[Imari (Mike)] ::shakes her head slightly at Branwyn::

[Elf #2 (Master)] no one woudl ally with them

Elven Ambassador (Master) looking at Branwyn and then glances down at the box on the floor

[Elf #3 (Master)] I have heard that there are caves that reach deep underground north of here in the Cordrawn Hills?

[Elf #4 (Master)] Yes there are warrens there that go deep

[Sam (Master)] The Cordrawn Hills lie to the north of the Blumm Wood,

[Sam (Master)] I believe that Branwyn had some dealings there recently?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Underground? Oh no.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We assisted the Duke of Domville in a bit of difficulty he was having with some gnomes stealing from his mines.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I had pondered visiting over the summer though.

[Imari (Mike)] ::growls and spits out a small bone onto her plate::

[Branwyn (Lisa)] A bit of adventure while everyone is out of the city.

[Elf #4 (Master)] You should come to the Wildlands for a visit

[Elf #3 (Master)] The Mountains of Sunrise would be a much nicer place to visit

[Branwyn (Lisa)] What would I find there? I have never been of course.

[Imari (Mike)] "I would much rather go to the wildlands wherever they are than go to that place."

[Elf #3 (Master)] she lives under the Mist she wants to breath clean fresh air

[Elf #4 (Master)] Ahhh but her companion is from the Gold Hills, is he not?

[Elf #4 (Master)] in fact I thought we were coming to dinner at the Ambassadors residence next week to meet with the Ambassador of Gold Hills?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yes he is but I have not been there myself and he has not been home on quite a long time.

[Elf #4 (Master)] He spoke highly of you

Branwyn (Lisa) coughs and looks at Sam

Sam (Master) glances over at Branwyn

Sam (Master) puzzled

[Branwyn (Lisa)] We are most pleased to have all of you at our home.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I am not certain that the ... Ambassador shall be available.

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] I am glad to learn more about your lands

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He has not yet responded to my dem ... requests.

[Elf #4 (Master)] When I met him yesterday he was very happy to have us over, he said taht you would be most insistent

[Elf #4 (Master)] a very plesant young fellow

[Elf #4 (Master)] he said he has known you for a while

Branwyn (Lisa) grits her teeth and smiles

[Master] (Mike, do you remember why this is an issue? Eric has no clue)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Then I am sure you shall see him then.

[Imari (Mike)] nope

[Imari (Mike)] i thought we were friends with the shorty

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Sometimes my calendar quite gets away from me, but we are looking forward to have you at our home.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he is an imposter - there is no ambassador of gold hills in the city)

[Master] (she is refering to Jondar, Guy's character Eric)

[Master] (the one that told you about the upcoming Troll Invasion)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And I would very much like to hear of your lands Mr. Ambassador. You are all from the Wildlands?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (the ambassador who shall not be named btw?)

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] No, I am from there, along with my companion, gestures to number 4

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] My other guests hail from the Mountains of the Morning

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] they are here to meet with us in enclave

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] we are waiting for a delegation from the West

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] They should be arriving by the end of the month

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] I should say the end of your month

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Then you shall be here for a good while then. I hope you shall enjoy yourself.

[Imari (Mike)] "How interesting. Different elf clans all meeting here. You should come to our feast party if you don't already have plans."

[Elf #4 (Master)] a party?

Elf #2 (Master) frowns

[Elf #3 (Master)] We do not need to intrude on every occasion

[Elf #4 (Master)] Yet you will admit that any occasion would be better with us, or at least me

Elf #2 (Master) fown deepens

[Imari (Mike)] ::laughs::

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles "It would be no intrusion. We are celebrating some of the local Kayugan feast days at the Manor this month."

Elf #2 (Master) mutters twitterpated

[Imari (Mike)] "It's hardly intruding. We will have many people over, and elves certainly would add to the quality of our party."

[Elf #4 (Master)] Precisely

Elf #4 (Master) turns to Leatherus, So what sort of parties do you enjoy?

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] Ambassador... Branwyn, he nods, Thank you for the invitation.

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at Ambassador "My attache will send invitations describing the events. You are more than welcome if it pleases you."

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] Do not feel the need to entertain my people or my visitors

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] I appreciate your gesture

[Imari (Mike)] "Oh, I don't know, Ambassador. You and your people seem more interesting than most we've met here. Certainly more easy on the eyes."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It is no trouble and the events will have been planned for some time.

[Imari (Mike)] "So far we've met petty politicians vying for power that doesn't really matter."

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] You have no elves in your lands to work with so I understand not taking up too much of your limited time

[Imari (Mike)] ::looks at the Prince:: "Present company excluded, of course."

[Elf #3 (Master)] When does politics not matter?

Branwyn (Lisa) cringes slightly

[Imari (Mike)] "When it isn't done with the edge of an axe." ::grins::

[Elf #2 (Master)] It is only through the close observation of personal interations that one can determine how a societial dynamic will affect the outcome of a specific circumstance

[Imari (Mike)] "But to truely answer your question, when the politics ony benefit the politicians. A true chieftan puts the needs of his people first. Not his own greed."

[Elf #2 (Master)] There can be no more finely tuned craft than examing the nuances of wording and the inflections of tone that betray the true meaning of a

[Elf #4 (Master)] NOOOO

[Elf #4 (Master)] no no no

[Elf #4 (Master)] give him something to drink

[Elf #4 (Master)] stop him

[Elf #2 (Master)] frowns

[Imari (Mike)] "My people do not mince words as much as yours do, it would seem."

[Elf #3 (Master)] the edge of a sword can wield much power but words do far more damage

[Imari (Mike)] "We are a simpler people, but I think in that we find a joy lost on many who think themselves more civilized."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I find this gentleman's views quite intriguing. Perhaps we can continue this conversation after dinner and keep our dinner conversation more light hearted.

[Elf #4 (Master)] Thank you

Branwyn (Lisa) looks at elf 2 hopefully

[Elf #4 (Master)] I was beginning to worry that someone forgot desert

Elf #2 (Master) nods at Branwyn

[Imari (Mike)] ::chuckles and places her hand on number four's arm:: "Not one for all the nuances of words?"

[Elf #4 (Master)] violence is the refuge of the imcomptent he says in an imitatoin of #2 voice

[Elf #3 (Master)] Are there open lands here?

[Elf #3 (Master)] Places to explore?

[Elf #3 (Master)] We stayed north of the wall in the Blumm Wood for the last two days

[Elf #3 (Master)] there do not seem to be any mountains to breathe fresh air in

[Sam (Master)] no no mountains near the Principality

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Perhaps Imari can take you for a ride on her hippogriff

[Sam (Master)] there are some high hills in the Cordrawn Hils

[Sam (Master)] OH

[Sam (Master)] that is a nice idea

[Sam (Master)] very good Branwyn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] That's certainly a way to get a nice view of the city and some fresh air

[Elf #3 (Master)] looks at Imari

[Imari (Mike)] "I suppose he could handle two if the other is an elf."

[Elf #3 (Master)] I believe I can handle a hippogriff

[Elf #3 (Master)] not quite the same as our mounts back home

[Elf #3 (Master)] but similar enough

[Imari (Mike)] "I will buckle you in so you won't fall off."

[Elf #3 (Master)] (they are sittign there eating now)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] This enclave you are waiting for is a happy one?

[Elf #3 (Master)] no

[Elf #4 (Master)] yes

[Elf #2 (Master)] It is complicated

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] It should be easy

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Groups tring to agree is seldom easy.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (trying)

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] I am here to help arrive at a concesus for our three nations

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] We anticipate that the rivers will flood very high next spring or the spring after

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] it is very simple

[Elf #2 (Master)] Those upstream will not have any problems

[Elf #4 (Master)] Those who are not near any rivers will be fine

[Elf #3 (Master)] We do not understand what the implications will be for everyone

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So it seems that a plan just needs to be formulated. for those affected. That doesn't seem like it should be too contentious.

[Elf #3 (Master)] It is a question of how we will benefit from the flooding

Prince Loplin (Master) frowns

Prince Loplin (Master) raises an eyebrow

[Prince Loplin (Master)] Which rivers are you thinking will flood?

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] We do not know for certain

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] we are awaiting the arrival of the Western contingent

[Elf #4 (Master)] Teh Rumbling adn the Green River, I suppose Branwyn would call it the CHandler Cowles, shoudl both peak together at flood peak time

[Elf #3 (Master)] it happens every 75 to 90 years

Sam (Master) glances around

[Imari (Mike)] ::just eats and listens::

[Elf #2 (Master)] As Branwyn said we should be having a happier conversation

[Imari (Mike)] ::flies, so what does she care about a flood?::

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And where is this western contingent coming from? Which lands I mean.

[Elf #2 (Master)] Out past the Detifose Waterfalls

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Ahhh. And how does one benefit from flooding?

[Elf #2 (Master)] (eric you still with us?)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (for a map)

[Branwyn (Lisa)]

[Sam (Master)] Oh good deserts finally

[Master] thank you Lisa

[Master] any other questions during dinner?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (i'm ok - we're seeing these guys again)

[Master] Very well

[Master] so dinner wraps up

[Master] drinks are served

[Master] and the groups mingles for a little while

[Master] then everyone heads back to their residences

[Master] if you want to get someone alone to talk this is the chance

[Master] Mike?

Branwyn (Lisa) to the ambassador "These gypsies you met. Did any of them give you a name?"

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] I did not ask,

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] There was a young man who said that you would be glad to take a package

[Imari (Mike)] i guess elf number four was more imari's speed. maybe he wants to talk.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And how did he refer to me?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Marquessa or just Branwyn?

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] Brawnyn the Lovely and Mysterious

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles

[Branwyn (Lisa)] He exaggerates.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Thank you again.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] There is a caravan of gypsies appearing at our feast on the 15th and so I was curious.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I am abitrating a unfortunate case for them.

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] They were traveling away from the city

[Elf #2 (Master)] What sort of case?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Tis a pity that I shall not be able to look at this gift for quite the long time.

[Elf #2 (Master)] it would be interesting to see how humans choose a side in a debate

Branwyn (Lisa) turns "Oh a dispute over a proposed marriage and dowry sort of thing.

[Elf #2 (Master)] (Eric texted me that the kdis are not going to sleep)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The rules are not set by me. I am not in favor of any of this, but if I do not decide the entire caravan shall be burned.

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] well I suppose it is good that you are there to judge then

[Imari (Mike)] brb

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I do not like that as a solution and so I shall do the best that I can to minimize any damage.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And if you come to the feast you shall see it amongst some other surprises.

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] I find most gypsies light hearted and free

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Yes I enjoy their company very much.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] This is a feast dedicated to lost love which is quite depressing for a theme, but there are certain traditions involved.

[Elf #2 (Master)] It would be interesting to study the pecedents and hear the opposing choices that could create the basis for an evovling set of rules governing the expansion of ....

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] raises a hand

[Elven Ambassador (Master)] Have a good night Branwyn the Lovely and Mysterious

Branwyn (Lisa) smiles warmly "Good night Ambassador. It was a pleasure."

[Master] brb

[Master] b

[Master] so questions? concerns? ideas to share with each other?

[Imari (Mike)] back

[Imari (Mike)] not really

[Master] you mostly understand what is happening?

[Imari (Mike)] i think so. elves are here to discuss a flood we're throwing a party

[Master] ok

[Imari (Mike)] sorry for the early evening, but i'm starting to fade out here.

[Master] it is ok

[Master] I will text you tomororw when I can bring up Tabletop

[Imari (Mike)] i'll see you tomorrow at the library.

[Master] and see you in the morning

[Master] teaching a class at 1030

[Master] come on in for it

[Branwyn (Lisa)] back

[Imari (Mike)] about what?

[Master] Introduction to teh Creation Station

[Imari (Mike)] cool.

[Master] talkign about 3D rpinting, allt eh things we do

[Imari (Mike)] night, lisa

[Lisa] goodnight!

[Imari (Mike)] sorry to leave you on your own, but i may need a couple weeks before i can stay up past ten on a friday again.

[Lisa] school?

[Imari (Mike)] kids and schedule are kicking my butt.

[Lisa] sorry :(

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[Lisa] so see you tomorrow?

[Lisa] Bob?

[Master] I will be here

[Lisa] ok

[Master] my intention is to do dinner at 6 now

[Master] and then come up

[Master] but I will text you when it is worth your time

[Lisa] the road to family is paved with good intentions

[Lisa] ok

[Lisa] goodnight!

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