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Seriena was born to the wealthy Glinganch family. As a child she showed aptitude for magic when she turned the cat blue with a cantrip. She was soon sent off to school to learn the ways of magic. There she soon summoned her first familiar, a mouse by the name of Chez. She was fascinated by Chez's mannerisms as he lived on pure instinct instead of the rules that people set forth. She found that she did not get along well with the other students and preferred the company of her familiar. She spent much of her time researching spells that would make Chez smarter. The smarter he got, the more she wanted to be like him. When he finally became sentient enough to convey thoughts she decided that she had to find a way to change herself into an animal to see how it felt. She soon learned how to change herself for short periods of time. The more she practiced this magic the more she began to detest her form and set out to find a way to be able to to stay in another form more permanently. Eventually she succeeded in maintaining a form indefinitely. No matter what form she took however, she was never satisfied with it for longer than a day.

At this point she realized that the school had taught her all that she was going to learn and she decided to set out on the road. When she told her parents they gave her the family ring. It was created ages ago by a mage in the family and had been passed down to the first adventurer in every generation thereafter. It is said to have strong protective magics though some of them have faded over time. Her uncle, who was an instructor at the university, created a set of bracers to protect her as well. They then arranged to have her accompany a band of adventurers who had done a few jobs for the family in the past.

Jade, the leader of the group, took Seriena under her wing and kept her out of harm as they went from town to town seeking adventure. They often stopped at taverns to tell of their exploits. Seriena would act out parts with the help of Gelfry the illusionist. She soon earned the nick name "Face" through these shows. During one job, the party was sent to exterminate a colony of kobolds said to live in the area. The kobolds were quickly dispatched only to reveal that they were a cover for a lair of vampires who quickly overcame the party. The last thing Seriena saw before teleporting to safety was Jade falling while trying to protect her. After a few weeks of recklessly traveling she eventually came to Roadhaven where she has joined the Dragonslayers and has been an active member ever since.

—The first entry form Seriena's Journal

It has been quite a while since I wrote a journal entry. Ever since my last one got burnt in that war I hadn't bothered starting a new one. If I ever find the little rat that ran off with it I'll be sure to turn him into something suitably irritating. It has been a strange couple of months for me.

A while ago this half elf poet shows up at the keep while I'm out with the kercpas. I come back and he spurts off some nonsense of me being the epitome of the bardic spirit or some such rubbish. It just so happened that the troops were marching off to some dwarven hole in the ground and I decided to “test his intents” and I sent him along with everyone that felt like going. To my surprise he arrived back alive, though in a dwarven form. He managed to get that magical well to transform him back and he still wished to stay in my company.

A few weeks later when I was out in the woods again, an elvish man decided to give me some food. Allen Door I think he said his name was. So after a nice meal with the fellow, I decide to head back and he follows me to Roadhaven. I was summoned to an audience with the rest of the Dragonslayers and the fellow followed me the entire way. Kylia obviously questioned why I had brought him but I had no reason to give other than “He followed me here.”

She didn't question it uncharacteristically. Instead there seemed to be more pressing matters at hand. It seems that one of the original Dragonslayers, a pompus rude fellow with an irritatingly long name, had come to invite us for one last party before he started his harsh life as heir to the throne of some elven kingdom. Gods know that I'd be doing everything in my power to be keeping the current queen in power for as long as possible. There's nothing drearier than the life of a noble, but I digress.

We agreed to travel with him on his ship to have a party upon an island well known for parties. We had a great night, though it was disrupted by some archaeologist fellow who begged us to hunt down some pyramid for him. We agreed, though I'm not sure why. Perhaps just to silence him long enough to continue to enjoy our party. The next morning we all awoke with heavy hangovers. Morrum walked outside and was blasted by a collum of flame. Fighting a rather nasty headache, I noticed one person in full plate armor who, unlike the rest of the people in the street, was not running for cover. The last thing I was in the mood for was another power-hungry bastard out to kill us for fame, magic, treasure or what have you. I calmly walked over to the man hoping that he would give me some reason to not want to hurt him. I asked who he was and he spat out some rude comment about not being afraid to commit random acts of violence. This is not what I wanted to hear this early in the morning so I thrust a ball of magic through his chest, killing him instantly. I turned around to go back inside and the rest of the Dragonslayers showed up to loot the body. I have no use for barbaric weapons and armor.

Just when I thought I could go back inside, one of the hired help runs up and screams that there are floating ships docking. When we investigated, it turned out to be sent from some island of diviners. They had nothing to say other than the world was going to end and we had to save it. Yet another irritation to fuel my hangover. Why can't Armageddon come when my skull doesn't feel as though it is about to explode? Perhaps I have some sort of sixth sense for doom that I should investigate …

We're told to seek out some keys and take them to a pyramid to lock a seal before something bad happens. Something bad could have been an invasion of bunny rabbits for all we knew but we hopped to the chance to stop it. We went back to Roadhaven and I investigated the magic items that the assailant was carrying. This was some seriously evil magic. Much of it was designed to destroy all that is good. He did have some sort of a communication device however. I must remember to have someone send a message to whoever is at the other end of that device. I'm sure that it has been tracked to Roadhaven by now so I doubt finding out who are soon to be assailants are would cause any harm. All the same, judging by the rest of the equipment, I don't plan on being the one to send the message.

I spent some time comparing notes with the prince fellow. He calms a little when there is a common interest being actively pursued. I spied a spell in his book that I would like to copy which he said he would allow me to do. It allows one to bond with a creature. This bond is similar to one that one would have with a familiar, and allows for one with slightly stronger creatures than the spell from which it is based. The connection seems to be slightly stronger as well. I look forward to testing this spell at a later time.

Over the next week we managed to defeat Greelox, beat off a lich's lieutenant, and roast some demon mummy creature. In the end, we triumphed as we always do. Though we did have one unfortunate loss. The tarty party girl, Cyclone, fell in battle. She will be missed. I must return to my studies now there is much to do.