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Setting Up Home

Diplomatic Entanglements Era

From 21-7-344 SKR to 8-9-1266 TGR {344 SKR}

This was the set up adventure for the new Era. The group had to pack up all their belongings, travel through the swamps and then by ship to reach Dryads Lair. Once there the City they would have to find a new residence for the new ambassador and get her settled into her posting.

Oh and try to figure out who murdered the previous ambassador as part of the Fool Me Twice story arc.

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This story arc was set up the night before the BOB's Birthday Game for 2014. The players all threw themselves into the new Era wonderfully. Lots of good discussion on how Branwyn should be presented when arriving at her new post.

The running joke towards the end of this story arc was House Hunters Dryads Lair Edition & Adventures in Renovating as the group searched for and then customized their new home.

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Sep 19 14

Birthday Game 2014 - Sep 20 14

Sep 26 14Oct 10 14Oct 17 14

Stories taking place around the house continue in House Affairs.