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Main / Shalhoond


This great forest is unclaimed by any power. It is the border between the civilized South and the wild lands of the North. It is a savage place. Human settlements only penetrate the very edges of the forest. It is sometimes called the Great Wild Wood by those on the endless waste.

Both Semphar and Hallstatt have settlements along the forestís edge. The settlers take lumber from the forest, mostly walnut, birch, and pine, and ship it to the towns on the Gbor Nor. To simplify the transport, most of the settlements are along the rivers that penetrate the forest. In addition to lumbermen, the settlements have greater than normal numbers of rangers, guides, wardens, huntsmen, and trappers. These souls bravely venture into the forest for their livelihood.

The Shalhoond is noted for its animal life. Hunters from the civilized South and the savage North stalk this ground. It is, however, a dangerous business, since the forest is filled with evil creatures.