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She Said Yes!

Alia Valebat Era

From 25-10-342 SKR to 20-12-342 SKR

In the first story arc of the new Era the group got orders from the Dragonslayers Company to complete a mission for them from a new person. They were tasked with going out and bringing back a sage from a city under siege.

Discusion Threads

Character Quotes

[[Ilero (TMO)] (weapons aren't drawn) No t'anks. Hye rat'er keep t'em. You tell me where you be, hye come forward.
[Good Guys #7 (Master)] walk forward and stop 20 feet in front of the barricade
Abu Dhabi (Fritz) whispers "Damn they are going to shoot at us simply because they can't understand a word he says"
Androp Ilkep (new guy) smirks amused and shakes his head, "This should go well"
[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (can I try a diplomacy check?)

(Sorry, I had to include this one - TMO)
[Miranda (Christina)] But she doesn't have to keep hers.
[Ilero (TMO)] Is a demned if you do, demned if you don't. Can argue good and bad both sides, and no way tell which is right.
[Miranda (Christina)] It is so hard -- salvation and damnation on the same coin.
[Barnabas Stone (Guy)] so ye are willing tae condemd an entire city fer yer pride?
[Ilero (TMO)] Your accent hard to understand sometimes.

Branwyn (from the In character thread) - But the guard also said that most of the people who escaped earlier to the Northern Wastes were probably dead. Probably the reason why they call it the Northern Wastes and not the Northern Oasis.

Feed Back & Recollections

This was a fortuitous chance to use some maps that I got years ago from an artist that I like. Jonathan Roberts over at Fantastic Maps is a very nice fellow and an excellent artist. The maps I used in this adventure might feel similar to some because he is the artist who did the Game of Thrones map book.

I used this adventure to start the Era because I wanted to return to the original idea of the characters being part of a mercenary unit and use that platform to introduce several new characters that players were bringing in.

This was the adventure of this Era for Guy.

Chat Logs

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May 18 13 - Twentieth Anniversary Game

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