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Main / ShiNyenzeZaurahel

Carissa Braun

Shi'Nynze Zaurahel

Family Tree

Female High Elf - Born 1142 TGR
Priestess: Ordination to Solonor Thelandira 1226 TGR

From the clan Divaekah (Dream, Dancer, Beauty) of the SE part of the Wildlands.

Shi'Nynze, often called Shi, was born to Lorahana Uladi and Yinris Zaurahel, the youngest of their children, her only sibling her brother Ellidor Zaurahel. She was very close to Ellidor, wanting to follow in his footsteps of becoming a Divaekah Shadow Guard, but she had neither the skills nor the talent. While Shi was good with the bow, she lacked the strength many elves had and could barely wield a sword. After some persuasion and testing, it was determined Shi'Nynze was best suited to answer the call as follower of Solonor Thelandira. Although her restlessness and lack of interest made the earlier years of her training difficult, Shi found her motivation as she delved deeper into the spells of her priesthood, those that did not focus solely on healing - something of little care to her. It was a relief to her parents, especially her mother, when Shi'Nynze was finally ordained into priesthood. It was with hope it would stay her wanderlust. While too late for their son, they hoped to keep Shi within the Wildlands.

The death of Ellidor was a tragic loss to the family and to the clan. It was confirmation to Lorahana, born to one of the isolated towns of the Wildlands, that elves belonged in the woods and should not mingle with other races. For Shi'Nynze, it strengthened her desire to explore the world and gave her reluctance to understand the importance of her previously neglected healing abilities. When hearing of the failure of Ellidor's comrades to retrieve his body or bow to bring home, Shi resolved to fetch it herself. With help from Keldorldrin Teken'lyl, her brother's best friend, and longtime friend to her and her family, they persuaded her parents to let her go on her journey. Her parents knew they could not stop her.

They eventually found themselves in the Blumm Woods searching for the Bugbears that killed Ellidor. With his invaluable skills, Kel was able to determine that the bow of Ellidor rests within a keep somewhere in the Cordrawn Hills or Blumm Woods where the Bugbear chieftans keep their hoards. It was during their search they ran into the Dragonslayers upon a siren infested cliff. After hearing their tale, the Dragonslayer invited the pair to tag along. While unable to shake the suspicion of non-elves ingrained by her mother, Kel convinced Shi that it was worth the extra help.

And so, accompanied by Keldorldrin, they follow along with the Dragonslayers in hopes of finding the bow of Ellidor. Although Shi'Nynze originally agreed to come straight home once she retrieve the bow of her brother, the more of the world she sees, and the stronger her wanderlust grows, the less likely she thinks it'll be for her to keep that promise.