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Played by Eric {TMO} Thompson

  1. Character Notes


Shurkural Family Crest "Werefoes"

Character Summary:

Young Shurkural was working at her parents' inn in the Citadel at the Vilmar Estates when the Dragonslayers chose to stay there while searching for the missing Queen-designate. When a band of werewolves kidnapped her, Shurkural joined the band to use her family's werewolf hunting skills to help out. An attractive and extremely flirtatious woman, her relationship with Ilero means that she hasn't left the group yet.

Character notes:

Class: Ranger (enemy: Werewolves)
Age: 16 (as of mid 342)


  • Involved with Ilero. She thinks his accent is just adorable.
    • Unknown just how serious the two are about it. Neither seems to be too jealous if the other gets attention from others.
  • She is a practiced and skilled flirt, and loves to tease. She will flirt with women, but TMO doesn't think she's actually attracted to them. Similar to flirting with a man she's not attracted to, it's mannerisms and acts that simulate (and stimulate) interest, rather than being anything real.
  • She is not a very intelligent woman, with an INT score of 8. It doesn't affect her overall competency, and she can still be clever at times when she's in her element, but her conversations are usually fairly trite or about common subjects.
  • She turns into a stuttering fangirl around royalty, and can easily get obsessed for a bit about royal rumors.
  • She carried a family heirloom bastard sword, until its destruction fighting a remorhaz.
    • It has since been reforged into a non-magical quality blade, with a +1 att/dmg modifier. It is capable of being enchanted at a later date.
    • The 'Family Crest' above is marked onto the blade.
    • The blade has been silvered, except for a small imprint of the queen's sign. The engraving is still visible.
    • The blade has been enchanted to +1.
    • If enchanted weapons glow in this world, a silver light would be appropriate.
    • The sword was lost to the bugbear slavers.
    • The sword was returned to her by a mysterious statue. It appears to be exactly the same, except now with another set of engraved symbols that copy the symbols on the statue.
  • Joined the Dragonslayers unofficially on "Day 17 Ko ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 17th, 342 SKR" Sep0712. Hasn't ever officially joined, but has also never shown any inclination to leave.
  • Seems to have an open offer from Lord Johann van Lydsund (Say It With Flowers). Unusual in that she never flirted with him first.
  • Family notes:
    • No last name ever generated. Probably lower class, never needed one.
    • Her sword originally belonged to her grandfather (as far as she knows). He used it to avenge the death of his wife Ellaren at the claws of one or more werewolves, leaving him to raise his only child alone. His son was raised with the same hatred for werewolves as his father. After an adventuring-ending injury, he settled down and married, running an Inn at the Vilmar Estates. His only daughter Shurkural was raised in the family tradition of werewolf hunting.
    • When she took off with the Dragonslayers to chase the werewolves who had kidnapped the the Queen-to-be, it was with their full support. They're a bit disappointed that she hasn't come home to visit more often, though.
    • Family Tree link
  • Scars (1 roll per level):
    • None Blunt on Forearm
    • Moderate Puncture on Hand (circular scar on heel of left hand)
    • Major Bite on Forearm (large bite scar on outside of left forearm from werewolf in tree that required wolfsbane to treat)
    • Major Puncture on Rear (arrow wound on right side)
    • Minor Blunt on Knee
    • Slight Cut on Abdomen
    • Minor Puncture on Forearm
    • Major Cut on Thigh