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Six Griffons Lodge

Stretching Their Legs Era

Rivers Bend Stories

From 8-04-340 SKR to 9-04-340 SKR

The group was traveling home from their travels on the Great Plains during the Flower Power story arc and stopped in Rivers Bend overnight. While they were recovering they had an urgent message from the caretaker at a nearby adventurers guild.

The group went to the Six Griffons Lodge in the North Bayside district in Rivers Bend to find out what was wrong.

Characters encountered:

  • Fatima
  • Mrs. Beeke
  • Houfin Ghent
  • old man
  • halfling
  • man with glasses

Discusion Threads

Character Quotes

Feed Back & Recollections

I set this up to surprise people with a Guest DM spot because we had not had one in a while. I took advantage of the group finishing up the Flower Power story arc at a good spot in real time also. I had a concert to attend and my brother John had not been in the game in a while.

I traditionally have shorter adventures for Guest DM spots planned long in advance so this was hopefully a happy surprise for everyone.

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