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Small Kingdoms

These are small independent countries that lie to the West of Terraguard. They are typically very homogenous societies that are suspicious of outsiders other than the gypsy traders which put up with their own prejudice. This area uses a calendar called Small Kingdoms Reckoning.

There are five countries and two independent cities that make up what is commonly called the Small Kingdoms. There are the craggy mysterious Central Mountains that takes up a large area between Blackwater and Gold Hills and the dark forests on the slopes teem with monsters of legend. To the south of the Chandler Cowles River lie the countries of Carnak and Drillian. Beyond them lies the Great Swamp and The Mist area.

One of the things that does bind these countries together is that they each only maintain small personal armies. To supplement this they each hire mercenary units to compliment their own armies. These small mercenary units travel throughout the Small Kingdoms and Blackwater in particular as well as western Terraguard fighting for various rulers.

Small Kingdoms
Overland Players map of the Small Kingdoms.