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Note: This kit is taken from the book Skills and Powers.

Another Smuggler kit is available from the Complete Thief's Handbook.
Another Smuggler kit is available from the Complete Book of Gnomes & Halflings.

Characters who earn a living by fencing questionable goods and moving material about behind the backs of government officials are considered smugglers. They are opportunists who have the right connections to guide stolen or suspicious property about from place to place—at a considerable profit to themselves. Smugglers rarely steal things themselves. They consider that much more risky than transporting the goods and feigning ignorance about the goods’ origins. And they rarely keep materials they believe stolen—better to move the objects on to another city. A few smugglers work as fences on the side. Smugglers love the adventuring life because it gives them the opportunity to travel and the chance to move goods. A smuggler might jump at the opportunity to delve into a dungeon when the authorities are on the lookout for a matched set of emeralds he has in his belt pouch.

Social ranks: Most smugglers come from the middle class. Roll 2d6 to determine their rank.
2d6 roll Social rank
2–8 Lower Middle Class
9–12 Upper Middle Class

Requirements: Smugglers must have a minimum Wisdom/Willpower score of 12, as they must have enough common sense to help them stay ahead of the law. This kit is open to all races and classes, but paladin smugglers require special approval from the DM.

Weapon proficiencies: These characters can select any weapon proficiencies allowed their adventuring classes. Recommended nonweapon proficiencies: Appraising, forgery, gem cutting, ancient history, artistic ability, etiquette, pottery, ancient languages, reading/writing.

Equipment: Smugglers seek magical bracers and rings to make themselves more difficult to be struck or seen. They will wear armor while adventuring—if their character class allows it. However, they prefer to travel in loose-fitting street clothes and unencumbered.

Recommended traits: Keen sense of touch, glibness, impersonation, lucky, obscure knowledge, precise memory.

Benefits: If a smuggler chooses the appraising nonweapon proficiency, he gains a +2 bonus to that proficiency score.

Hindrances: Smugglers on occasion run afoul of the law—or of individuals who try to pass goods via the character. When this happens, a smuggler might have to rely on his fellow adventurers for protection.

Wealth: Smugglers begin with the maximum amount of gold allotted to their character class to reflect the money they earn from their shady dealings.