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Snottie (Snezana)

Snezana (pronounced sneh-ZAY-nuh) was a grubby street kid known in Dryads Lair as Snottie, picked up by a constable for pickpocketing. She would not have been caught, except that she tried to steal from a more experienced pickpocket, who ran when the copper grabbed her during their tussle.

Turned over to the Kayugan temple orphanage, Snottie was given a proper saint's name and trained for the priesthood. After dull, dreary years of tutelage, when the time came to dedicate herself to a god, she chose Aclim, the patron god of scouts, rangers, and adventurers.

She was preparing for her elevation to Patron when Patron Kenna invited her to a feast hosted by her employer. Kenna asked Snottie to come right away upon elevation in order to celebrate, and this is how we come to know her better.