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Note: This kit is taken from the book Skills and Powers.

There are many variations under many different names for this kind of character. Thoroughly check other kits for your class and/or race before selecting a kit.

A Soldier is a professional warrior. He might be a field officer, a career sergeant, or a sellsword. Any character class can be a soldier. Warriors and clerics can lead troops into battle; wizards can decimate enemy armies with their powerful, offensive spells; and rogues can infiltrate enemy-occupied positions and gain valuable intelligence. If a player is interested in this kit, he should discuss with the DM whether the soldier is a member of a standing military organization or is a mercenary. If the character is a member of a military force, his military rank also must be decided.

Social ranks: Soldiers come from all walks of life. However, those from more influential families tend to rise higher in the military career ladder. If the soldier is part of an organized unit, roll 2d6 to determine his social and military rank.
2d6 roll Rank Military Title
2–5 Lower Class Man-at-arms/foot soldier
6–9 Lower Middle Class Sergeant/horse soldier
10–11 Upper Middle Class Lieutenant
12 Upper Class Captain/commander

Requirements: Soldiers must have a minimum Constitution/Fitness score of 12, as military life is not easy. This kit is open to any player character race except; aarakockra, alaghi. githzerai, minotaur, mongrelman, satyr, swanmay, thri-kreen, and wemic. The kit is open to all classes.

Weapon proficiencies: Soldiers can be proficient in weapons that fit their adventuring class.

Recommended nonweapon proficiencies: History (ancient or local, emphasis on military events), fire-building, direction sense, animal handling, cooking, heraldry, riding (land-based), seamanship, swimming, disguise, armorer, blind-fighting, bowyer/fletcher, charioteering, endurance, navigation, survival, weaponsmithing, reading/writing.

Equipment: Soldiers must spend more than half of their starting wealth on weapons and armor. They can wear any armor and use any weapons allowed their adventuringprofession.

Recommended traits: Keen eyesight, keen hearing, light sleeper.

Benefits: At the time of character creation, the soldier gains one free nonweapon proficiency, provided it is selected from the recommended list above. In addition, a soldier acquires one weapon at no cost—a gift of the military.

Hindrances: A soldier can purchase only those weapons, armor, and other pieces of equipment that can be carried on his back or on his mount.

Wealth: Standard for the character’s class.