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Chapter 2 - Class


This refers to anyone who learns to use magic the way a mage does. That is to require some sort of learning and researching to find the spell and to cast it. Generalist Mages have no restrictions on which school of magic they can learn from. Priests cast as a granted power from the worship of their deities and instead their spells are organized by Spheres of control.

The idea that unites all these various types of magic users together is that magic is something that takes preparation, concentration and attention to detail.

There are several variations of mages scattered throughout the world. Notably absent is the Central Area where only generalist mages are found.

There are elementalists that specialize in one of the classic elements.

Western Worldal-QadimOriental Lands

Then there are the Disciplines

School - Practitioner Name

The Classic disciplines

The Modern disciplines

Alternative methods of classification

In al-Qadim there are two additional generalists

  • Sorcerer
  • Sha'ir

In the Oriental lands there are also additional practitioners

  • Shukenja
  • Sohei
  • Wu Jen

Finally there are the radically different ways of using magic.

The last way of learning magic is not a new way of casting but a new way of learning. Pathmagic builds along linkages from the lesser spells to more powerful ones.