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Chapter 2

Spell Books

Spell books are found in one of three forms; Scroll Books, Spell Books and Traveling Spell Books. Scroll books are not magical scrolls such as magic items. These are from cultures that maintain records in scroll form rather than in book form. Witchdoctors often pass on their knowledge in this format, along with hedge wizards and the like. This type of storage is primitive, can not hold as much and it is much more fragile. Scroll Books should never be considered as traveling versions of a mages spell book; they are a cultural identity item. Spell Books are typically found in wizard libraries and are constructed of rare materials and reinforced for long life. These are larger items, with one Spell Book filling a typical backpack to capacity. Traveling Spell Books are smaller compact versions of a Spell Book. They hold fewer pages and are not as sturdy. They are typically two thirds the size of a standard Spell Book in bulk.

These are the typical number of spells in a type of storage device. See Learning Spells for additional information about storing spells.

Spell LevelScroll BooksSpell BooksTraveling
Spell Books
Max Pages2510050
Weight 25#15#

These are examples of Known Spell Books

Format for Spell Book pages

Chapter 2 - Libraries - Known Spell Books - Research

Character's Name Library

Name of Spell Book or - {no formal name}

Standard Spell book {100 pg total} contains: - Type of Spell Book from above
(spell not known/learned yet) - if the owner of the book has not learned the spell yet

SpellLvlPagesSchoolRarityMaterial Components

Spells are listed in Alphabetical Order; not the order they were learned in.

Rarity refers to how rare the spell is in the area of the world the character is from.