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Spell Data Files - KloOge - Klooge Files - Data Files

These are the data files that are used with the Definition file in my game. They are raw data files with no filters. The player would choose which spells by level they know to add to their character sheet.

There are two ways to use these files. For BOB he copies the information into the correct folder for the current DEF file to read. For players or others who want to use them the process is similar. Copy the text between the brackets marked by the @ signs in edit mode (or just the text in the grey box on the page). Then paste that into a .txt file with what ever name you desire. Then on the Character Sheet in KloOge under the Spells tab you can then import the entire list onto the character sheet for use.


To use these simply copy and past into a text file with the name of the sphere.

Complete Spell list by God/Goddess

These lists are the combined Spheres for each God or Goddess plus any special spells that are available only to that God/Goddess, Pantheon, Race or Campaign Area where the Character is from. On each page detailing the gods powers there is a link to the data list of the spells they have access to. The list of spell data lists available will grow as more information moves online and out of BOB's databases.


These are in order by level, so the text file should have the same name as the page here.


There are more spells to add to these lists, as well as change the format of the character sheet to be able to reflect more information about each spell.

  • subtly rating
  • dueling characteristics
  • campaign area availability

See the Spell Database Project for additional notes


Create a single data file for each God and link to it here from their page. Can include racial and religion specific spells for comprehensive lists.