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Ongoing KloOge Projects - Spell Data Files - Chapter 2

Spell Database Project

  • Michael - A wizard
  • TMO - E wizard
  • Spring - D wizard
  • Lisa - M wizard - S-Z done
  • Mario - C wizard
  • Eric - B wizard
    • I uploaded new versions of the database for Michael, Mario & Eric. Use the form with your name on it and you will only be working with wizard spells for your letter (much smaller data sets to work with). TMO & Spring let me know if you want me to make you personalized forms. - Lisa
      • Sorry - working on some projects of my own in my free time. - TMO
    • No worries TMO, no pressure to do more than anyone wants/can do

One note I was made aware of. Please spell check things before you upload your version. Basic spelling errors are in the descriptions sometimes from copy and paste that we need to catch. Thanks, BOB

XP awarded so far: S - Z 508 spells - Lisa

I am refreshing this project. With this new delay in moving to what ever program we will be going to if it Tabletop Connect/Fantasy Grounds 3D/which ever I want to take the time to reorganize the spells in the game.

We have 7 key books to start with. 4 Wizard spell books and 3 Priest spell books. Then there are the additional spells that are scattered out there among the various source materials.

Currently we have spells in Klooge in the Description File. We also have those 7 books in PDF form that we can convert to a plain text format. I also have an access data base with a bit over 2,000 spells in it.

When we are done I would like to have all how ever many thousand spells organized into a file that we can easily import via XML or Javascript into what ever program we move to.

Because we are basically starting from scratch on this I thought to bring up this old page where we were adding to the Klooge spell lists a decade ago.

I will have a better handle on what everyone can do to help soon, I wanted to bring this back up near the top of the lists so that everyone knows what I am working on.

Useful links:

Fields in database:

  • Name
  • Level
  • Class
    • WZ, WJ, DR, HS, PW, UV, FL, SD, SE, WN, PR, SH
    • (Wizard, Wu Jen, Dragon, Hinashapers, Plumaweavers, Universal, Sand, Sea, Wind, Flame, Priest, Shukenja)
  • Pages
  • Schools
    • Separate out each School or Sphere with a comma not a slash
  • Spheres
  • Classification
    • Elemental
      • Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sand, Sea, Flame, Wind, Stone, Nature, Wood, Frost {old notation:E,W,F,A,S,N,D,Z}
    • Pathmagic (P)
    • Metamagic (M)
    • Cooperative Magics (C)
    • Wild Magic (@)
  • Ref Number
    • Book Name.Page number {i.e. W1.145}
      • W1, W2, W3, W4, C1, C2, C3, E1, E2, E3, E4
  • Reversible
    • Y or N
  • Range
  • Components
    • V, S, M (Verbal, Somatic, Material)
  • Casting Time
  • Casting Speed
    • 1-3=F, 4-6=A, 7-9=S, 1 Round+ =VS
  • Duration
  • Area of Effect
  • Saving Throw
    • None, Negates, Halves, Special
  • Details about Components
    • Description of what the Verbal, Somatic and Material
  • Cross check (to increase search-ability with extra keywords, rarely used)
  • Casting Sublety
    • +1 casting time 4+
    • +2 casting time 7+
    • +3 casting time 1 round or more
    • +5 casting time of 1 day or more
    • Cumlative
      • +1 Verbal component
      • +1 Somatic component
      • +1 for each Material Component
      • +1 for unusual action (singing, clapping, etc.)
      • +2 Dramatic action (dancing, breaking an object, etc.)
      • +4 Obvious action (drawing a circle, ritual, etc.)
  • Sensory Signature
  • Knockdown
  • Collateral Effects (notes to go along with Sensory Signature)
    • Subtlety, Sensory, Attack/Knockdown, Collateral effects SM116-124
  • Type (for Spell Duels)
  • Power Ranking (for Spell Duels)
  • Movement (for Spell Duels)
  • Campaign Area Availability
    • multiple fields
  • Special Rarities
  • Notes/Spell Description
  • Known Spell Books

This is a place to collect all the threads for the on-going project of getting all the available spells for the campaign into a KloOge format.

  • spells
How to handle this with the data lists for imports
how to make the lists on the dice panel work better
add back to right click menus?

Quote from Data Files:

There are two ways to use these files. For BOB he copies the information into the correct folder for the current DEF file to read. For players or others who want to use them the process is similar. Copy the text between the brackets marked by the @ signs in edit mode (or just the text in the grey box on the page). Then paste that into a .txt file with what ever name you desire. Then on the Character Sheet in KloOge under the Spells tab you can then import the entire list onto the character sheet for use.

There are more spells to add to these lists, as well as change the format of the character sheet to be able to reflect more information about each spell.

Create a single data file for each God and link to it here from their page. Can include racial and religion specific spells for comprehensive lists.

These notes need to be organized into better section and complete
A- what we want to do overall with spells
B - how to digitize those best for Klooge

Original Spell Database Project Notes

(give 100 XP per spell after completely entered into database) New books for Wizards start at Jan 1996, for Priests at Jan 1998 Check Dragon from #225 to present

  • some early spells are in SM (dimensinalists)
  • Wyrm articles have DR spells (#230, pg47 list of spells)
  • magic items, ecology, and Arcane articles have some spells
  • Dungeon also (#58 pg14 2 Wz)
  • in Enclyopedia Magica
  • check in modules and misc products for any addtional spells

Misc Notes

  1. 237 wilderness spells for Kayugan {Aclim}
  2. 240 birthright spells for thieves/gamblers/accountants [Nike, Hermes, ?]

Dragon 216, 220, 229 for dream, aportation, and rhybomancers (also look for Frost & Dimensionalists) questions about pathmagic, shamans, witchdocters

When typing in -no chronomancy only spells -some old empire and red wizard spells only in egyptian (CA84) area, also any spell dealing with aging is more common there -dream spells are only in Hallstat area (CA82) -check lists in Spells and Magic for new schools, missing in W1

-type in special rarities field @ priests only or Priests of @ only

BOOKS check each letter as a group verify existing information with new book, change page numbers, add missing info go back and add in new spells as apropriate check dueling and other new characteristics (SM, HL, TC) update list for other areas (OA, AA, MAZ, etc)

Wizards: decide on case by case basis for CA availability & Rarity Priests: decide on case by case basis for CA availability & Rarity, when creating spell lists, assign by Spheres (from Deity), Level (Minor vrs. Major Access), Campaign area (not NA), and by Rarity (Common spells being available at first level, Uncommon available at 7th level, Rare spells being available at 11th level, Very Rare available at 16th level)

Issues Still To Be Done

Dragon 229 230 241 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 ** 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 260 261 262 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273

Dragon Anuals 4 Dungeon (finished)

Books W1 W2 W3 W4 C1 C2 C3 E1 E2 E3 E4

Dueling types:

  • A - attack, normal function is to harm in some way (charm person, web, disintigrate)
  • D - defense, normal function is to protect or fortify (protection from evil, cure light wounds, minor globe of invul)
  • L - Leech, does not cause harm or provide a defense
  • AD - attack/defense, normaly a solid barrier or summon creatures (wall spells, monster summoning dispel magic)
  • M - missle, crates or propells a physical or magical projectile (fireball, magic missle, flame arrow)

Dueling Movement:

1-20 yards2
21-50 yards3
51-100 yards4
101+ yards5