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Spring Dew


Spring came to us as Sean's partner, and had played with Lorie in another game. Spring would do her best to help the people at the table out and is one who really appreciated the camaraderie of the group.

Spring’s characters were always on the fun side of bizarre, once running a mongrel man with great flair. She was always helpful to the group and did her best to help the team succeed even at her own cost.

One of the things I love about having a long running game is that Spring was able to come back and play with us, creating new characters and interacting with new players, after being away from the game for more than a decade.


Calendula Sperry - human cleric, worshipper of Frey

Argreep - mongrelman wizard

Kenna Westfoot - halfling cleric, worshipper of Uthe

Snezana - human cleric, worshipper of Aklim

Contact Info

Mobile (or Cell Phone) 801-660-5177 - I DO accept text messages.


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