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Stopping your Own - John's Guest DM

The Druids come to Paul and ask him to get the DragonSlayers to destroy one of Paul's former projects. Paul and Kit cannot go for fear they will slip back to the Drow's control, but they give limited intelligence and a key to the secret back door. The party is also warned about a protective border where they cannot teleport into or out from. The group teleports in and with little resistance gets inside the lab and living quarters. They easily defeat the animated guards, find a human slave chained to the wall and the shadowy experiment. Their biggest confrontation comes from the shadows of the sitting room from a Drow waiting for revenge on Paul. Meanwhile one of the mages teleports home to find out Paul and Kahn have been killed by Kit. The confrontation becomes a stand still down in the underdark as Kit returns to convince the party to finish what they came for and leave. The party successfully destroys the experiment and vows revenge on the Drow and Kit, who claim that things are now in balance. In the confusion, the human slave does escape.

Side Note: Many of the elements of this story were later incorporated into the story Dark Day