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Stretching Their Legs - Story Arcs

From 9-6-338 SKR to 28-2-342 SKR

This Era came after the Phoenix Era when the adventurers starting to explore on their own.

The story arcs that made up this Era included:

the Favor Stories

This Era was the first time that the Players visited the two largest cities in the Small Kingdoms. Adventures in Loosend and Rivers Bend brought urban interactions to the table. At the end of these stories the group rushed off into the new Blood Trail Era.

To help keep track of the NPC's being encountered:

Corporal Antero HortswaffSergent Snowfoot HecklineLibellula Saturata
Kholnor SlickskinValoris Onod AncienMan in Red Cloak
Arahael MosskinPractumnarishkillMaumee Auglaize
Skycaptain Jack HarknessCaptain Lukincha 
BewickCornell Floyfisk 
SeewickMissus Mosskin 
Father IlgenWitch Kulgarth 
Professor WatsonToybin of Castlin 
Wisewoman ThymeSandeford 
PilistPrince Tapio 



  • Swamp monsters v. Human populations (Drillian and Carnak)
  • Vampire Lords/Undead v. Human populations (Drillian in particular)
  • unknown enemy who brought in Libellula Saturata to attack Dragonslayers
  • man in red cloak who was selling slaves to the goblins & created Scarecrow & was in Skull Church
  • weres who captured gnome and sold as slave to goblins


  • Training - ongoing

Feed Back & Recollections

As I am wont to do all the story arcs in this Era have some sort of play on the theme of the name. The first story dealt with flying ships, the second story dealt with Yuan-Ti and other cold blooded races. I also used the other meaning of the phrase and the adventurers traveled to new places and met new cultures. During this story arc the group traveled from one corner of the adventuring area to the other. It gave the players a chance to expand their resources and contacts and for me to show off a few of the details I had previously created.