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Stronghold Building

26-9-1250 TGR to 12-6-1254 TGR

The group took some time at this point in the campaign to focus on building strongholds and consolidating powerbases. Paul started to lay out his lands north of Wolfspack and south of Terraguard along the Great Trade Route.

Travel towards Dryads Lair, lots of encounters along road, teleport to Terraguard City, and back to Dryads Lair carrying messages. Visit with several army officers and investigate possibilities for setting up a county.

14-2-1251 start clearing land for Paul 700 days of encounters, including: Dwarves, Ankhegs, Ants, villagers, Harpies, Fire Giants, various travelers along the roads, Orcs, etc. Then spend 25 weeks building extra buildings and fortifications. Spend a couple of months preparing spells, and the like. Hear rumors of a humanoid horde coming out of the hills. Hold the official coronation ceremony for Paul on 1-1-1254

1-1-1254 start of the Protectorate of ElvenStier

War arrives in the form of a horde of goblins, kobolds, and Orcs pushed into this area from the eastern mountains. The group uses teleports and area of effect spells to disrupt the armies before they can arrive near the town of Gon.

After the war is completed, the group decides to regroup at Roadhaven where they are found by a group of dwarves that are looking for help finding the Memorial Dungeon again. When the group looks in their library they find that even their maps have been erased.

The group also welcomes back Morham into the group.

After solving this problem, the group visits the Island Kingdoms with the old members of the party (Tenth Anniversary Game).