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Sword of Elvenmire

An Elven mage, obsessed with the protection of his people from Extra-planner creature created a long sword with the ability to kill them with a single blow. To insure the sword would be used as planned, as the final act of a dying man, he infused his essence into the sword. That is when he realized his fatal flaw. His presence in the sword drove him mad. While he could speak Tongues with anyone who held him, his perception was warped and he shocked any one good that tried to hold him, and served only evil. In the hands of a powerful evil fighter he found his peace, at least he found someone who could control him. That is until a group of good adventurers defeated the master swordsman and took the sword. The sword could feel their goodness but could not affect them until they touched them. Then by a bizarre twist of fate, in a deceptive act of kindness, a young woman wished the sword good and the curse was released. Now the presence in the sword was cleared of its madness and able to continue his true goal, and he awaited a good warrior to help him with his quest.