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Note - these notes are about the events from my characters' perspectives. I'm just skimming looking for interactions my characters would note or remember. - TMO

Burst of Building
Ilero Shurkural Marisu
Mar0212 - Day 4 Ced ___ de, Sin {Late Summer} 4th, 339 SKR.
  • Ilero requests to join the Dragonslayers, based on stories told of the mage Branwyn among mercenary groups. He's looking to join a group with a mage so that he can keep his flail recharged.
    His first task is going through all the group's treasure and seeing what's valuable. Trusting bunch, these Dragonslayers.
"We don't know you, but you look honest, even if you've been trained by a thief. Look at all our valuable items, would you?"
Mar0912 - Fought Bullywug/Lizardman bandits
Mar1612 - Indigo/Anastasia spar, Ilero's background first mentioned
Mar2312 - nothing
Blood Trail
With Friends Like These
Mar3012 - Day 28 Fin ___ se, Sow {Late Spring} 28th, 342 SKR.
  • Fought Bullywugs. TMO not present.
Apr0612 - Day 2 Trall ___ de, Lec {Early Summer} 2nd, 342 SKR.
  • TMO's first game as an Official Dragonslayer
  • Ilero nearly eaten by an alligator in his first combat. -6hp.
Apr1312 - Day 5 Be ___ de, Lec {Early Summer} 5th, 342 SKR.
  • Toybin and Princess Anastasia bring the Man in Red Cloak to reveal that Wilhemina has been kidnapped and is at Drake Estates and provides a map of Vilmar Estates with smuggling routes.
  • The meeting is broken up by an attack of Scrags from the river.
Apr2012 - Day 10 Fin ___ de, Lec {Early Summer} 10th, 342 SKR.
  • Finishing Scrag combat, slandering Vilmar, nothing much else.
Desperate Old Men
Apr2712 - Day 11 Trall ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 11th, 342 SKR.
  • TMO not logged in; Visit with Lord Kilt, cloth-maker/dyer
May0412 - Day 12 Lad ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 12th, 342 SKR.
May1112 - Day 13 Ced ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 13th, 342 SKR. Vilmar Estates
  • First appearance of Shurkural "dark haired woman"
  • Also first meeting of Brother Stephanie by group
May1812 - Day 13 Ced ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 13th, 342 SKR. Vilmar Estates
  • Indigo learns of the Arm of Cahus, hq in Dryads Lair.
  • The Brotherhood hunts vampires, founded by Queen Margata Uklo, does not have backing of Cahus.
  • Vilmar Estates has two sets of guards, 1 basic military, 1 call Iron Guard, housed in the Lords Manor.
  • History of Saint Clig Prodint. Continued guard duty even after death.
May2512 - Day 13 Ced ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 13th, 342 SKR. Vilmar Estates
  • Branwyn panics when all of her gear apparently is stolen from her room. Was actually the guards inviting her to stay at the Manor.
Jun1512 - Day 14 Be ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 14th, 342 SKR. Vilmar Estates
  • First appearance of Androp Ilkep.
  • Brother Stephanie's backstory explained.
Jun2212 Vilmar Estates
  • Ilero drops down into the well, only to remember he can't swim, and that the lid is closed and locked.
  • Koorin panics at the thought that she's killed Ilero.
  • Ilero manages to survive using climbing skills and tools, and even pulls himself along underwater to another cistern.
Jun2912 - 05:00 PM. Day 14 Be ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 14th, 342 SKR. Vilmar Estates
  • Ilero is still down the well...
  • above ground...
    • Llathandryll gets the group an interview to work in the cisterns in the morning to try and rescue Ilero
    Indigo: That's a long time for Ilero to hold his breath
    Llathandryll: Well, lets face it. If he is holding his breath, it is already too late. If he is alive, he can wait until morning.
    • Red Haired Boy mentions a man named Holder, sounds like a Fagin sort of person. Thieves Guild?
    • Red Haired Boy knows how to get into the sewers. The group discovers Branwyn has left the inn.
  • in the cisterns...
    • Ilero sneaks around using his lantern, finds a set of double doors, pops the lock, sneaks through, resets the lock, gets conked on the head and knocked unconscious.
Jul0612 07:15 PM. Day 14 Be ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 14th, 342 SKR. Vilmar Estates
  • Red kid, Indigo, Heckat, Koorin, Llathandryl head into the cisterns through an unlocked door to rescue Ilero
  • They run into the cistern detail accountant, cast a bubble of silence around him, tie him up with ropes, then charm his gigantic cat guardian (Betty). He was not having a good night.
  • Indigo and Heckat and Red talk for minutes trying to figure out where Ilero went, and why the guard was locked into the cisterns with Betty.
Jul1312 08:28 PM. Day 14 Be ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 14th, 342 SKR. Vilmar Estates
  • The rescue party runs into Sammy, apparently a thief tying up the guards, or someone.
  • The tied up man turns out to be Grink, a sailor (PC).
  • Ilero is found tied, gagged, and bagged in a corner by Red. Thieves Guild had a problem with an influx of independent thieves and began kidnapping them all.
  • Ilero is in a very bad mood and roughs up Sammy trying to find his gear.
  • While the groups' backs were turned, Red releases Sammy and together they lock and bar the doors behind the group, trapping them in the dark.
  • Androp (plus help) breaks the doors off their hinges. Grink finds the secret door on a 1 in 12 chance. Session ends with Ilero about to open the secret door.
Jul2012 10:29 PM. Day 14 Be ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 14th, 342 SKR. Vilmar Estates
  • Indigo, Androp, Llath, Koorin, and Grink all explore the cisterns looking for Ilero's gear, charming, sneaking, and fighting all the way. Sammy nearly dies this time, but is brought back.
  • They're captured by the Iron Guard and tossed into prison. Ilero's gear remains missing. Sad.
Jul2712 10:15 AM. Day 15 Pen ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 15th, 342 SKR. Vilmar Estates
  • Branwyn arrives in the dungeons to rescue the rescuers! Hooray!
  • irony:
    • [Ilero (TMO)] (damn good thing we aren't in the diplomatic corps)
    • [Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] oh there is something you need to learn about bob's games: diplomacy is useless
  • Indigo, Androp, Koorin, and Ilero go drinking and gambling with the guard, Olif. Because... logic? After pissing off the thieves, hide out with the cops?
  • Indigo and Androp have dinner with the captain and make many unconvincing excuses for their activities.
Aug0312 06:23 PM. Day 15 Pen ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 15th, 342 SKR. Vilmar Estates
  • Branwyn, Koorin, Llathrandyll, dinner with:
    • Count Vilmar, his children Jeffery (17), Joffery (18), Jessica (14) & Penelope (10); Madam Ostman (brothel owner); Sheriff Sust; Uncle Conflict; & Lord Trustman.
    • They discuss the Queen choices, Wilamina Mosskin, Imiguarde Quelcon, and a 10 year old Cowles girl.
  • Indigo & Androp, dinner with Captain Miltor:
    • The Captain is trying hard to find out why Indigo is here and who he is spying for.
  • Nighttime discussions:
    • Branwyn: Wilamina isn't here, therefore she must be at Drake.
    • Captain Miltor: Gee, that's too bad. Why, we have a Wilamina Mosskin of our very own, right here at the Temple. What a coincidence! Can we borrow Indigo to fight hill giants?
  • Bob: Oh, btw, there are two Wilamina Mosskin's. The other one is 8 and a mage and will be a problem for you later.
  • No chat log. TMO took care of character sheet issues. Whee.
Aug1712 08:04 AM. Day 16 Mid ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 16th, 342 SKR. Vilmar Estates
  • Filko the talkative guard comes to the inn to tell Indigo to go to the temple library to meet Branwyn.
  • Ilero goes shield shopping. He arranges for a buckler to be covered in black dragon hide for 10 gp with One Eye Labin.
  • At the library, Branwyn does a sightly better job holding her tongue than the mage-hating priests do.
  • Our Wilamina Mosskin is here, is not being held against her will, does not want to be disturbed, and threatens to cut Androp's balls off if he doesn't stop abusing the priest that cast Hold Person on Ilero.
Aug2412 01:27 PM. Day 16 Mid ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 16th, 342 SKR. Vilmar Estates
  • Mostly talk with Sarengar, Branwyn, Ilero, Friend Holper, and Captain Miltor.
  • Some of the group are going to go out with the Guard to ambush a raiding party of giants.
  • The Festival is the 18th, and Qui is the special guest judge.
Aug3112 Day 17 Ko ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 17th, 342 SKR. Outside the Vilmar Estates
  • The expedition to fight the giants, with Captain Opiknor and Senior Private Olif.
    • Indigo is attacked by a giant flinging giant frog carcasses at him. 4 giants in total were killed.
    • A very light metal shield is found. Ilero takes it.
  • Willimina Mosskin is dragged out of the library and dropped into the well by two werewolves who jump in after her.
Were Did She Go
Useful link: Therianthropes
Sep0712 Day 17 Ko ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 17th, 342 SKR. Vilmar Estates
  • Shurkural becomes a PC. She immediately finds the tracks and flirts them past the guard and toward the cisterns after the fleeing werewolves.
  • Branwyn hands out useful daggers like candy.
  • The party hears an injured old man who turns out to be a shamming weregator. He is driven off by a Light spell on his eyes. Unfortunately Shur was tracking the wrong wereprints.
    • Missed this on the first pass:

[Master] Werealligator: Attack: Bite: (15-(d20+0)) [1d20=20] -5. HITS Sarengar (AC FINAL: 6)!!! [CRITICAL HIT_(Roll Again)_] [Master] Werealligator: Attack: Bite: (15-(d20+0)) [1d20=13] 2. HITS Sarengar (AC FINAL: 6)!!!

  • The correct wereprints lead past 5 bodies (3 guard, 2 other (thief?)) to a small dock, a cut rope, and a missing skiff. Shur tells the group that the village of Haverring is a day's travel to the south, and has long had rumors of weres living around it.
Sep0812 Day 17 Ko ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 17th, 342 SKR. Vilmar Estates
  • Qui tells us we will succeed in reaching the village of Haverring, and that Wilemina is still safe, although he does not understand why. After that, the Mist interferes with his vision.
  • Day 18 See ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 18th, 342 SKR.
    • Giant Dragonfly! Fireball, whack, whack, flies away chastened and afraid.
  • Day 19 Fin ___ tre, Lec {Early Summer} 19th, 342 SKR.
    • A young black dragon tries its mettle against us. It grabs and flies off with Branwyn at one point. Sarengar takes his Polymorph potion and changes into a pegasus, and makes a flying catch when the dragon tosses her aside. The dragon surrenders to our overwhelming might. Sarengar attacks anyways, and Hoff and Sarengar slay it together. This upsets Branwyn a lot.
  • Day 20 Trall ___ se, Lec {Early Summer} 20th, 342 SKR.
    • A band of ghouls try to steal our river guide and are driven off.
    • The group reaches Haverring. Oddly for the middle of a swamp, all the buildings are made of stone.
    • A short chat with Dewint and the barman Val and suddenly everyone changes into werewolves and begins Kung Fur Fighting.
      • All four are quickly subdued and then all but one killed while helpless.
      • Then a werebear throws another one through the door of the tavern and kills it.
      • Mayor Sushell & Vexran (bear), talk with the party. The kidnapping weres seem to be outsiders to the town.
      • The Mayor forces the werewolves to give her back, but apparently she's been kidnapped from her kidnappers by someone from the Ghostwood Estates, belonging to the Drake family (aka Vampires).
Everyone Knows
Sep1412 Day 20 Trall ___ se, Lec {Early Summer} 20th, 342 SKR. Heavenring Village
  • The werewolves kidnapped Mina to try and get werewolf rights.
  • Sushell knew Arahael Mosskin back when he was a young adventurer. He gives the group directions to the Ghostwood Domain.
  • Vampires can only be hit by enchanted weapons or stakes. Cold iron or silver won't do anything. Casting Bless on a specific weapon also works.
  • Branwyn refuses healing as penance for the black dragon's death, until Wilamina is safely delivered.
  • There are two routes: the longer, safer route, and the shorter, more dangerous one going past a catoblepas.
  • Day 21 Lad ___ se, Lec {Early Summer} 21st, 342 SKR. Heavenring Village
    • The werebear serves the group honey and porridge for breakfast.
    • The group decides to go the long route.
    • Swamps got frogs. Big frogs.
Sep2112 Day 21 Lad ___ se, Lec {Early Summer} 21st, 342 SKR.
  • A shambling mound stumbles upon the group. Ilero attempts to lure it away from the party but gets stuck in the mud. A web spell was our backup in case of this situation, which snares both Ilero and the mound. Some judicious cutting and fireballs later...
  • Group of lizardmen beating the bushes looking for food. Koorin charms a few of them and causes a bunch of in-fighting. Survivors flee.
  • First watch: Indigo surprises and drives off an alligator.
Sep2812 Day 21 Lad ___ se, Lec {Early Summer} 21st, 342 SKR.
  • The night watch drives off a swarm of Bombardier Beetles.
  • Day 22 Ced ___ se, Lec {Early Summer} 22nd, 342 SKR.
    • Ilero and Hoffman spot some Boobrie birds lurking in the foliage ahead. Branwyn startles it off with a fireball and the party just walks past without being attacked or anything.
  • 03:19 AM. Day 23 Be ___ se, Lec {Early Summer} 23rd, 342 SKR.
    • What starts out as a swan carrying a lantern in the night turns into a blue light swarming around and zapping people with lightning. After getting knocked around a bit, the light promises treasure, if only one person will follow it. Naturally, it's a trap and Androp falls in a pool of quicksand. Fortunately he wasn't alone, and quick reflexes allow him to get himself out using his quarterstaff as a level.
    • The next morning the group passes a knight beating a peasant farmer while 3 other farmers stand by with heads bowed. Egalitarian Koorin takes offense to this and runs over to interfere. Combat Starts!
      • Oh wait, no. Koorin casts Hold Person on the knight, freezing him in place.
    • It turns out the farmers were collecting truffles from Sir Huklor's swampland, but didn't have the money to pay the truffle-taking tax until after they sold the truffles. Yes, it makes very little sense.
    • Koorin, offended at this perfectly sensical situation, starts unstrapping the armor from the knight. The farmers panic at being associated in any way with this action and hastily hand over their truffles to Koorin and head for the horizon.
    • Sir Huklor yells and curses at Koorin, and manages to slip loose from the ropes tying him up, but it's all for naught as Koorin merely uses another Hold Person spell.
    • She winds up charging him a lasso, 3 daggers, and a very nice long sword in taxes, while he's spellbound and unable to resist. The group walks off leaving him there.