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I am keeping this page as the place to store notes about our transition out from Klooge and into something else.

Projects: Data to input into Access to allow for export to multiple formats

5-18 BOB

So it looks like there is no good reason to back this kickstarter. At best we would save $15 by putting money down now for a product that will not be coming out until the earliest 2020 and the 3D terrain options we originally were expecting will not be part of the initial release anyway.

Perhaps in a year or so they will have something that we will want to migrate to.


So the Kickstarter came out:

It looks like $135 or $150 if I wait till after the program actually comes out.

Then with add on parts another $70 to $370 for tokens, etc. No savings on the $70 for the 2nd edition books by backing early.

I have until the end of the month to decide so we have time.

-5/3 Mario: How do we donate to the cause? PayPal?

Not asking for anything yet, need to work out what we actually need. For certain I am paying the upfront costs and the book cost. - BOB

4-19 BOB

Today there was nice news on this front. The 2nd Edition books have been released on Fantasy Grounds now. At least the first big three.

4-11 BOB

Learned that the current plan is for the new Fantasy Grounds Beta will be until December of 2019.

There is a launch planned in Orlando later this year for Alpha testing too.

There are still LOTS of questions.

4-3 BOB

For those that remember Tabletop Connect and the project we were heading for...... This just announced from Fantasy Grounds, the company that bought them out.

Super exciting news from Fantasy Grounds! We will be launching a Kickstarter for Fantasy Grounds Unity on May 1, 2019! We'll be briefly discussing the upcoming Kickstarter on this week's Fantasy Grounds Fridays so join us at noon (EST) on Friday. More details will be released as we get closer to May! Stay tuned.

So it looks like that will be our first look at what might eventually be the successor to KloOge. No promises or commitments yet on anything other than we are going to play every Friday as intended.

I spent time going over our options.

It appears that the best thing is to get a full refund for the money I put into Tabletop Connect and in the future perhaps purchase the licenses for us to be able to use Fantasy Grounds.

I got a very nice email from Carl thanking me for my support.


This is a new section to collaborate our new VTT program to use for our game.

Off Side Links for Tabletop Connect

For the most recent update:

BOB's Dropbox for older version

I am exploring when we will move to this new platform sometime in the future when it can handle all the requirement for our game.

To start with I have the GM license with unlimited player log ins. I have 7 different terrain packs. I think that will cover just about anything that we will use to get started with this. I have 90 different miniatures in my bundle.

I am suggesting that no one else purchase anything unless you intend to run your own game with this program. Later on there will be plenty of opportunities to purchase your own miniature if you want to be able to bring it into the game with you when you log in, etc. There will be much to explore with this before we shift over to such a different VTT platform.

Internal Links for Tabletop Connect Files

Things we need to work on:

  • Proficiencies in complete txt form (99% done)
  • Spells in complete txt form (?? done)