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Tallow's Deep

Memorial Dungeon Era
Harwood Episode Era

??? TGR to ??? TGR

Tallow's Deep was a goblin lair that the Dragonslayers explored several times early in their history. They first attempted to adventure here just after they had found the Memorial Dungeon. They went in with confidence that "they are only goblins" and quickly found out why such small humanoids are so numerous and dangerous.

The group lost many characters in the course of this adventure, including Freki Imsigul the person who started it all with a beer run.

Feed Back & Recollections

This was a fun adventure to run, with the players getting used to the idea that dungeons existed in three dimensions and traps could come from all angles. I think it was good for everyone at the table to see John lose his main character only because the dice fell wrong. This was the start of everyone understanding that characters could die, but the game would go on.