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Taxes are Evil

Team Building Era

From 6-5-1259 TGR (Pensinde) to 7-5-1259 TGR

This adventure took place in a small town on the far Western edge of Hallstatt. The Druids there asked Lady Kylia to do them a favor. They had a wizard who owed taxes for the past five years and they had not been able to collect. In exchange for having the Dragonslayers showing up to collect from him they were allowed to keep anything they found in his keep.

Along the way they discovered that he was not just a necromancer who took 'volunteers' from the local village, but also was dabbling in demon summoning. The players took some serious damage and again had a horrific battle where all seemed lost until Kit went into overdrive a hacking and slashing fighter on speed to save the day against the demons.

Subtle things were happening in the background also like all good adventures that weave previous threads together and create new ones for the future. One of these threads came out in the adventure that Mike used in the story arc he ran as a guest DM.

Character Quotes

Kira (Beth)] ::looks down blouse to check small puncture wound::

Percival ::Good work, Ramone?, to offer a plan that didn't destroy the entire room::

Percival Anybody got healing to test the wound for poison?

Percival Can we see the instrument that made the puncture?

Ramone? (BiBo clone)] not I

Kira (Beth)] doesn't feel poisoned, but that's not a bad idea

Percival Maybe the poison's past its expiration date!

Beth: Leave it to BOB to pick that quote out of that whole adventure /facepalm----

Feed Back & Recollections

This was to be the grand 3D dungeon. I used some quick time movies that showed a 360 view of certain dungeon rooms. They are from 0onegames, an excellent source for PDF adventures. The 3D effect turned out to not be used as much as anticipated, but it did prove we could use another of the features of kloOge successfully.

Towards the end of this adventure is when Moirra played by Kaz made her first appearance.

Chat Logs

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