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Magic Item Histories - Keldorldrin Teken'lyl


Tebhoundrin, or Teb for short, is an Elven Longsword about 28 inches long and weighing 4 pounds. The handle and spine of the blade are colored deep purple with gold accents, while the cutting surfaces of the blade are a silver hue. Forged from the finest metals of the Central Mountains, Teb was designed over 550 years ago for the legendary Divaekah Shadow Guard Captain Frynvenyrr Kilviir, who returned (a missing and/or lost Dwarven artifact in 702 TGR). Perfectly balanced and designed to emit a high-pitched audible vibration or ‘song’ when properly honed and wielded; this ‘song’ was usually the last sound heard by Teb’s victims. Besides its efficient design as an instrument of incredible lethality, Teb would be just as suited to be on display as a work of art.

Tebhoundrin is an intelligent sword. It contains the spirit of its designer and original owner, Fryn. Fryn originally named the sword Tebaxelyn (Teb – Blade, sword; Axle – Ally, companion; Lyn – Assassin, killer). After Fryn’s spirit was bound to the sword, Fryn changed the sword’s name to Tebhoundrin (Teb – Blade, sword; Houn – Magic; Drin – Rogue, Stealer), so to clearly define his new purpose. Like all intelligent weapons, Teb has Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma, along with a personality. Teb’s attributes and behavior are directly related to the spirit of the bound soul, Fryn.

Fryn’s Binding into Teb

During his travels reconnoitering the Wildlands and beyond, Fryn heard rumblings of the Great Mage Sergthi Farthorn {King Farthorn I} of Terraguard, who was devising a plan to cross the Narva River to invade, conquer, and possess the Wildlands region, along with all its valuable resources, and claim the region in the name of Terraguard. The numerous Elven clans, gnome villages and Halfling shires were in danger of annihilation. Fryn and his unit crossed into Terraguard and infiltrated the castle at Terrabrink to learn the details of the plan. Fryn managed to get hold of the battle plans, and in his haste to escape, was detected. King Farthorn I showed little mercy, and if not for the swift actions of the Shadow Guardian team, Fryn would have met certain death. The Shadow Guardian squad fought bravely, to only barely escape with their lives. Fryn’s wounds were so severe, he drifted in and out of consciousness throughout the return trip towards Divaekah clan lands.

Fryn pleaded with his last breath to be bound to his sword, Teb, so he may assist in the resistance of the invasion, even if in spirit only. Despite knowing he could possibly be bound to the Mortal World for all eternity, having missed his window to enter Arvanaith, Fryn unselfishly decided it was more important to save the Wildlands and the Lorien Woods, and the countless lives it supported, than to enter Arvanaith. The ritual was performed, and Fryn was infused into his sword. He was entrusted into the hands of Riadorl, the new leader of the Shadow Guard.

King Farthorn I’s advancing armies were met at the Narva River by the joint armies of the Wildlands and the Gold Hills in 869 TGR. The battle was long and fierce but eventually King Farthorn I's forces were forced to retreat. Somewhere in the countless running melees in the Cordrawn Hills, Riadorl fell, and Teb fell with him. Fryn was not able to witness the fall of King Farthorn I, and Teb was lost in the battle. There he would remain, unnoticed and untouched, lost in the wilderness, for almost three centuries.

During his lost period, Teb was fortunate enough to have landed where he was in contact with a great oak tree. As a Ranger, he bonded with the tree, and was able to absorb the essence of his surroundings. He had more than ample time to reflect on his entire life as he remembered it. He analyzed every conversation, every memory, every battle. This deep thought, along with his connection to his beloved forest, kept Teb sane. A local treant learned of a sword that was languishing in the wood. He was happy to have a sword taken away from the fire races but grew to understand that the sword might be used to help prevent his trees from other sharp blades.

Teb was returned to the Divaekah clan after he was found by an exploring Elven expedition led to him by the treant. He learned of King Farthorn I’s fate, having died long ago without completing his destructive plans, unable to breach the Wildlands. Relieved that his self-imposed quest was indirectly completed, Teb asked to be taken to the Divaekah High Council to have Fryn’s soul removed, so that he could spend his eternity in Arvanaith. After consulting with the many wise Elven clergy, it was determined that the window for Fryn to enter Arvanaith had passed, and he is now relegated to the mortal world for eternity.

At Teb’s request, he was issued to a high-ranking Shadow Guardian. Vornadrin Teken’lyl took possession of Teb, and together they kept Divaekah safe. When Vornadrin retired from the Guard in 1225 TGR, Teb agreed to be wielded by Keldorldrin, Vornadrin’s son. Kel has been in possession of Teb for the last 40 years.

Teb and Keldorldrin: Their relationship

Teb is loyal to Kel, and those who support Kel. In the 40+ years they have traveled together, Teb has grown to respect Kel and his abilities, especially Kel’s exceptional strength, something Fryn did not possess. Teb would never encourage Kel into a dangerous situation that he himself would not have faced. He understands that their relationship is symbiotic: each benefits from the other.

Teb has the senses of sight and hearing. While he doesn’t have eyes and ears, Teb ‘sees and hears’ through the eyes and ears of the person touching his hilt. Teb’s senses are ‘aware’ only when Kel has his hand on Teb’s hilt. If Kel is not handling Teb directly, Teb is unaware of his surroundings. Because of this, it is very rare for Kel to wear gloves. Teb normally resides in his scabbard on Kel’s left hip. If Kel wants to makes Teb ‘aware’, he casually places his left hand on the hilt. This posture, while beneficial to Teb, can also be construed as aggressive by others. Teb can speak at any time. If he feels neglected after being ‘cooped up’ in his scabbard for long periods of time, Teb tends to call out for attention, sometimes at inopportune times.

Teb/Fryn’s Personality Traits

  • Teb is essentially a non-living vessel to house the soul of Fryn. Therefore, Teb’s behavior is that of Fryn. Since Fryn can no longer enter Arvanaith, Teb has decided to drop the name of Fryn, and embrace his future as Tebhoundrin.
  • Having been a leader, Teb wants to be in charge, even if he doesn’t always know best. Teb has no fear in voicing his opinion, especially in strategic planning.
  • His time analyzing the memories of his battles has made Teb believe that he has all the right answers.
  • As Teb no longer commands the respect he once did as leader of the Shadow Guard, he tends to boast of his many accomplishments; he does not embellish the feats he accomplished, he merely states them for all to know. Loudly. And often.

Soon to follow: Personality traits of Teb, courtesy of TMO.